Yogyakarta distributes fuel cash aid to 3,420 beneficiaries

Increased Fuel Price Cash Assistance (Grant), sourced from the Yogyakarta City Regional Budget, is targeted at poor households who do not receive social assistance.

Yogyakarta (ANTARA) – The Yogyakarta City Government has distributed Fuel Cash Assistance (BLT BBM) from the Regional Budget (APBD) to 3,420 beneficiary households in the city.

“Cash assistance (offering) due to increased fuel prices, procured from the Yogyakarta city regional budget, is aimed at poor families who do not receive social support,” said Yogyakarta city Social Workforce and Migration Affairs Office. Department head Maryustion Tonang said here on Tuesday. .

Data for 3,420 beneficiary households It has been compared and verified with the data of households covered by social security insurance (KSJPS).) , Data on recipients of integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) as well as other social assistance programs such as Family Hope Program (PKH), Essential Assistance, and Fuel Cash Assistance from the central government.

Therefore, Tonang has ensured that those who receive fuel cash assistance from the provincial budget (APBN) will not receive fuel cash assistance from the local budget.

“The hope is that the distribution of social assistance will be on target,” he added.

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The Yogyakarta City Government is cooperating with the Post Office to distribute aid.

The distribution took place on Tuesday at two post offices, Yogyakarta Post Office and Muja Muju Post Office.

Under the assistance program, each beneficiary family will receive Rp.600,000 as a one-time payment.

Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta Sumadi expressed hope that this support can help meet the daily needs of the community.

He said the support is a testament to the existence of local governments facing multiple impacts from rising fuel prices.

On September 3, the Indonesian government increased the price of subsidized Pertalite fuel from Rp7,650 to Rp10,000 per liter. Diesel subsidy from Rp.5,150 per liter to Rp.6,800 per liter. Unsubsidized Pertamax from Rp12,500 to Rp14,500 per liter.​​​​​​

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