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Young Iraqis in Mosul begin making films to tell their story

After a month-long intensive session in October, students began working on their films, telling the story of Mosul.

All equipment, such as lenses and sound gear brought in from abroad, will remain in Mosul with the goal of keeping students working on the film. (AFP)

Up-and-coming Iraqi filmmakers shout “action.” The actress climbs over the rubble of Mosul’s old town as a proud student at the new film school.

With the help of the Mossle Academy of Fine Arts, the Belgian theater company and the United Nations Cultural Agency UNESCO, 19 students have the opportunity to make their first short film.

“We live in Mosul. We know everything that happened,” said Mohammed Fawaz, a 20-year-old theater student.

“We want to show it all to the world through movies.”

According to Milo Rau, Artistic Director of the Belgian NT Gent Theater Company behind the initiative, the four-month course gives students everything from writing and filming to acting and editing.

With a camera and microphone in hand, the students are now hitting the city of Mosul to talk about the injured city.

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Healing scars

Mosul still bears the scars of the brutal rule of Daesh, a terrorist group that conquered cities in northern Iraq in 2014 and imposed a super-conservative interpretation of Islamic law.

They destroyed everything from centuries-old churches to musical instruments before they collapsed in the devastating battle of 2017.

Studying at the Academy of Fine Arts after Daesh’s defeat was like “moving from the Stone Age to the present,” said student Fawaz.

According to artistic director Lau, each of the nine students’ works will last up to five minutes and will be screened in Mosul in February before being screened at a European festival.

The current goal is to secure funding to keep the film sector running.

The next step is to “hold a small Mosul Film Festival … continue what we started”.

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Source: AFP

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