Young Raheem Sterling grew up just one volley away from the Wembley pitch he is currently starring in.

Dad, who lives in the house where Raheem Sterling grew up, talks about the joy of a football hero scoring two goals in Euro 2020 at Wembley in the backyard.

Lenson D’costa moved to a Neil Crescent property in Brent, northwest London in October. This was Sterling’s five-year home, but I think he’s sleeping in Star’s old room.

“I’m really excited to see Sterling playing in England because this guy lived here,” he said.

And he was excited when Manchester Ace scored his first Euro 2020 goal against Croatia.

“Wow, I was running around,” Renson said.

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Renson and his football enthusiast twin sons against a Wembley background

The 26-year-old Sterling also played against the Czech Republic, giving England the victory they needed to take the lead in Group D and advance to the knockout stage.

Renson, 31, hopes that by living in the house where such a hero lived, his two-and-a-half-year-old twin sons, Esau and Enoch, will become soccer players.

Renson said: “Imagine Raheem Sterling playing in the living room, telling his mother” I want to be a soccer player “and playing in the yard.

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Renson sleeps in Ace Sterling's old bedroom
Renson sleeps in Ace Sterling’s old bedroom

“I can really feel him walking around and feel motivated, so I tell the boys,’Let’s start training.’

“There’s a big garden behind us, so I try to teach them some tricks. They’re two years old, but they’re crazy about football.

“Since we moved to this house, they have become sportier. They are there and shooting the ball.”

Chelsea supporters are aiming to enroll them in the club’s academy and hope to follow in the footsteps of Sterling to play in England.

11 year old Raheem Sterling
11 year old Raheem Sterling

He states: “When I moved here, I was very surprised that this house was lived by Raheem Sterling. The owner told us,” Take care of the house. ” I was really honored.

“It may not be a big deal for some, but I was really happy, like’Raheem Sterling-Wow’.”

The house has been converted from a three-bed to five-bedroom property since Sterling lived there, but Renson believes he’s sleeping in Star’s childhood bedroom.

View of Wembley from home
View of Wembley from home

He said: “Some things you can’t explain, but they can feel.”

He takes great pride in making the property look good.

Renson said: “Raheem Sterling’s mother was planting plants in front of her house, so she’s trying to maintain the same standards she takes care of.”

Sterling lived with his mother Nadine when he was part of the Queens Park Rangers youth team. On his arm is a tattoo showing a boy standing in the shadow of Wembley.

Sterling said three years ago that he had dreamed of “someday becoming King of Wembley” from an early age.

That dream has come true.

And Renson, who works at nearby Tesco, now has his own.

Raheem Sterling after scoring against the Czech Republic
Raheem Sterling after scoring against the Czech Republic

He states: “I always dream and hope Raheem Sterling will knock on the door someday.

“I love him. He is very kind and doesn’t look like a show-off.

“He is a humble person.” Young Raheem Sterling grew up just one volley away from the Wembley pitch he is currently starring in.

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