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Your BlackBerry dies: the end of the era of iconic handsets

BlackBerry devices running the original operating system and services will no longer be supported after January 4, marking the end of the era of renowned devices that brought work to the mobile era.

BlackBerry Ltd, based in Ontario. Known as Research In Motion before the signature handset began to embody work on the move in the 1990s, since Tuesday, handsetes running their software “must work. Can no longer be expected. ” According to its lifespan page.

First announced in 2020, this move effectively kills the lineup that is popular to date in parts of the world because of its reliability and security. BlackBerry devices and their physical keyboards were once the go-to mobile devices for both professional and young people messaging with their own platform for email.

Over the last decade, Apple’s iPhone and numerous Android handsetes with larger displays, better graphics, and a wider range of app products have dominated the market, making the company less attractive.

In 2016, the Canadian company stopped manufacturing its own smartphone, moved to a software-only business, and licensed its brand and services to TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd. TCLCommunicationTechnologyHoldings Ltd. continued to release devices until the transaction closed in 2020. Supported by Alphabet’s Android OS and will be supported until August.

However, nostalgia for the BlackBerry name made it one of the 2021 meme stocks, which also caused a significant rise in stock prices in January before a sharp fall.

“These devices lack the ability to receive wireless provisioning updates, so you can’t expect this feature to work reliably, including data, phone, SMS, and 9-1-1 features.” The company is writing. “The functionality of the application is also limited.”

https://gulfbusiness.com/your-blackberry-dies-end-of-an-era-for-iconic-handset/ Your BlackBerry dies: the end of the era of iconic handsets

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