Your ideas for making the Principality more attractive

More public transport, more affordable rent, sports facilities and more. The Monaco Tribune editorial team has solicited your feedback on this subject!

While Frederick Genta is a newly appointed inter-ministerial representative for attractiveness and digital transition, Recently I started to tackle the problem of Monaco’s charmSome of you have suggested your own thoughts, mentioning some thoughts.

Originally from Italy, Julia has been working in Monaco for several years. She feels she can’t live in the Principality because her salary is high but she’s rented too high. She lives in Beausoleil and she goes to work by bus or bicycle. “I like to work here, but it’s complicated if I don’t live nearby. I used to live in Nice, but the train fare quickly became expensive. Living in a neighboring town I think it’s best. It’s good to pay preferential rent to employees. It may encourage people to come and work in Monaco. “

This observation is shared to some extent by the Monaco national Paul. “It’s not that bad because I don’t pay much for accommodation. I don’t know if Monaco should lower the rent. There are already a lot of people here. I can’t accommodate everyone. I work here. I have some friends, but it’s definitely complicated for them. It can be difficult if you don’t live in Cap-d’Ail or Roquebrune. Sure, for employees, maybe … and for Enfants du Pays. I might be able to do something [the Government and the National Council] Plan to pass the law for them, that would be a good idea. “

In the meantime, he believes that the transportation service between Monaco and the rest of the French Riviera needs to be completely reviewed. I myself this is not on! Besides, if you have a problem with SNCF, it’s a panic station! “

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And what should we do about tourists? Alain Frappier, who replied on the Facebook page, believes that facilitating access to the Principality is also the first step. “Free bus transport will make tourists very happy. We need to find a way to avoid an hour of traffic in Monaco. It has been going on for years. It’s with our employees. Postpone tourists. There are many projects, but none in the near future. “

Leisure offerings should also be enhanced for one of the readers who contacted us with a personal message … If resources are in place: “For a sport-loving country, what Monaco lacks is that we There are big stages of sports (basketball) arenas, concerts and other activities. Rethink von Vieille Chapitou to make it bigger and more modern, and for people, fans and tourists. It can be a venue for multi-activity. “

What do you think of the “target population”? Philip and Christian have come a long way on Ascension weekends, especially at the F1 Grand Prix. The event itself was enough to encourage them to travel, but they admit that weekends represent a considerable budget: “Hotels are very expensive at first, but even worse during the Grand Prix season. But it’s not just Monaco. I couldn’t stay here so I went to a hotel in Cap-d’Ail. I booked a few months ago and it was still very expensive. I can’t stay here It’s a shame. Let’s just say that’s part of the attraction … ”

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