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Marley Johnson

The Bahamas, Nassau — While discussing important national issues on Friday, youth MPs focused on mental health illnesses.

“Mental health is not a topic that is fully emphasized or talked about in our country,” said Shekhinah Monker, head of the Golden Isles.

The parliamentary youth event returned on Friday after a two-year hiatus. The event began with participants discussing why mental health is important.

Mental health medicines should be affordable and available to people suffering from mental health illnesses, Monker said.

She also emphasized that mental health illnesses are not seen or presented in any particular way, adding that people with smiles on their faces may also suffer from mental health illnesses.

At a press conference on Monday, Youth Minister Mario Bowreg said that youth must be given a platform for discussing national issues such as mental health. Participants took turns expressing their views and thoughts on this issue, in line with his wishes.

Bring consciousness

Don Johnson Jr., head of North Eleuthera, has demanded more funding to implement more mental health institutions in the Family Islands.In a pre-session interview, Sanders said Witness news He was always passionate about expressing his thoughts.

Kyara Reva Rolle, head of the Golden Gates, said:

she said Witness news Earlier this week, mental health illnesses are a common problem, and young people need to be more aware of how it can affect them.

Representatives of Isaac Bar in North Andros and Berry Islands suggested that schools could be used to raise awareness of mental health issues. Youth MPs say mental health isn’t emphasized enough – Witness News

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