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Zain invites Kuwait’s creative spirit to design a monument in the heart of the capital

Kuwait: Zain encourages Kuwaiti architects, designers, and anyone with a passion for urban design to come up with ideas for designing monuments that reflect Kuwait’s rich culture, history, and identity. The company is set to bear all the costs of building a monument in the center of the country’s capital.

The invitation will be part of Zain’s partnership with the province of Al-Asima for a project to rehabilitate one of the capital’s front doors, especially the islet between Abdullah Arsalem and the Arshamiya region. Last year, Zain (state-owned enterprise) was selected to renovate and maintain this entrance. This is a step that reflects the role of private companies in working with the public sector to achieve social sustainability projects.

Zain has a strong belief in youth talent, so invite architects, designers and passionate urban designers to share ideas through zainkuwaitcity.kw.zain.com and Kuwait’s rich history, culture and heritage. Zain chooses award-winning designs based on several quality standards and bears the cost of building the project.

This project is the result of public-private collaboration and will contribute to the renovation of the capital entrance as a first step to beautify all areas of the district. Zain explores the final design of the monument to be built in place by participating in Kuwait’s creative spirit and proposing ideas. After choosing the most unique proposal, the company was ready to build a monument and renovate the entire island.

Zain’s support for this initiative is in line with its core objectives of being responsible for progress at all levels of the community as a whole, and the company also aims to contribute to the further progress of the country. Reaffirm the principles of partnership through our efforts. Set goals and contribute to the country’s development efforts.

terms and conditions:

l Submissions must be made through zainkuwaitcity.kw.zain.com.

l The design of the monument should reflect Kuwait’s culture, history and identity.

l The size of the design should not exceed 10x10m.

l Applicants must attach sketches, photos, or videos that clearly show all aspects of the design.

l Applicants can only provide design ideas and Zain will be responsible for executing the project.

l If the owner of the award-winning design wants to run the project on their own, the process must be completed within 3 weeks.

l Zain reserves the right to accept or reject the submitted design.

l Zain reserves the right to change the details in the selected design as needed.

l Zain will bear the cost of running the project based on the award-winning design. There is no monetary reward / reward for the owner of the award-winning design.

l Submissions will be accepted from January 10th to 24th, 2022.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/zain-invites-kuwaits-creative-minds-to-design-monument-at-capitals-heart/ Zain invites Kuwait’s creative spirit to design a monument in the heart of the capital

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