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Zain Strategic Partner of “Kuwait Code”

Kuwait: Zain, Kuwait’s leading digital service provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Kuwait Codes, an educational coding program for high school students in Kuwait. This initiative is considered the first in the country and was launched a second time by the CODED Academy with the aim of empowering the next generation of young Kuwaiti programmers.

The announcement was made at a press conference on the campus of CODED Academy in Schweigh, attended by Zain Kuwait Waleed Al-Khashti’s Chief Operating Officer, CODED Hashem Bahbahani’s Chief Operating Officer, and CODED Ahmad Marafi’s Chief Operating Officer. Did. Program sponsor.

Regarding the partnership, Waled Al-Khashti, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer, said: Create the next generation of Kuwait programmers and developers. “

Al-Khashti said: That’s why we make programming and developing digital skills for young people a top priority. This is especially true given that Zain is one of the largest domestic companies in Kuwait’s telecommunications sector and one of the region’s leading digital service providers. “

Al-Khashti concludes: Good luck to all CODED colleagues in this kind of country’s first “Kuwait Code”.

Ahmad Marafi, CEO of CODED, commented: In addition to focusing on social responsibility in supporting educational programs, Zain is and will continue to be one of the leading companies in innovation and leadership. “

Hashem Bahbahani, Chief Operating Officer of CODED, said: Intensive workshops will focus on the development of websites, video games, iPhone and Android apps. “

CODED launched the “Kuwait Code” for the second time, and this initiative is considered to be the first in Kuwait. The program creates a technologically advanced generation by providing high school students with the opportunity to learn and develop programming skills in four main streams: iPhone and Android app development, website design, and video game building. aims for.

The “Kuwait Code” welcomes high school students aged 14 to 17 years from all public and private schools in Kuwait. The free program lasts 6 weeks and students learn the most basic skills to build their own projects. The first edition of the 2020 program will accept more than 500 students, and the current edition aims to accommodate 1000 students.

By supporting this unique program, Zain aims to provide the best educational environment for Kuwaiti high school students to develop their talents, develop their skills and drive innovation. Zain believes in the important role that innovation plays in building the future and developing the national economy. Zain is keen to play an important role as an integrated digital service provider in the light of the rapid digital changes seen in the modern world. The company always reaches a new level of customer excellence by providing the best innovative services, meeting customer needs and aspirations, and supporting programs and initiatives aimed at incorporating and developing innovations. I am aiming for that.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/zain-strategic-partner-of-kuwait-codes/ Zain Strategic Partner of “Kuwait Code”

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