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Zain will hold a third COVID vaccination campaign for staff

Kuwait: Zain officials from the Ministry of Health team during the vaccination campaign.

Kuwait: Zain, a leading digital service provider in Kuwait, has worked with the Ministry of Health to launch a third COIVD-19 vaccination campaign for staff at its headquarters in Schweik. The company aims to provide employees with booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine to support the country’s current efforts to immunize the community.

Zain believes it is an active partner of the Ministry of Health and other agencies in protecting communities from the threat of a pandemic. Since the early days of the crisis, Zain has been enthusiastic about responding effectively to the efforts of various national authorities by supporting initiatives and programs that have helped mitigate the health, economic and social impacts of the pandemic. was.

The third internal vaccination campaign is a continuation of Zain’s first two campaigns in June and July last year, with many staff vaccinated at headquarters. The Ministry of Health team attended for the third time to manage booster shots to boost the immunity of the largest number of employees of interest.

Zain is deeply grateful to the Ministry of Health officials for responding to calls for three internal vaccination campaigns and to being enthusiastic about witnessing the company’s headquarters to effectively coordinate the campaigns. Thank you. Zain hopes that such initiatives will contribute to the positive impact of supporting MOH’s efforts to strengthen social immunity and protect communities from pandemics.

For the past two years, Zain has demonstrated a spirit of responsibility as a major state-owned enterprise by taking on the public sector and making available its human and technical resources to maintain the well-being of the country. rice field. The company has also launched a number of social awareness campaigns aimed at improving the health and safety of the community. Not only that, Zain was also keen to continue to support social, educational and cultural initiatives. This has always been a top supporter, but this time it was a virtual form to adhere to official health measures and guidelines and keep everyone involved. Safe.

Zain’s tireless efforts have expanded throughout the year to launch its own social initiatives, existing health and social programs, in addition to responding to crises, under corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategies. I supported you. One of the country’s largest private sector leaders, Zain was keen to reflect his role by supporting the public sector, especially during a crisis that shows the true soul of the country.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/zain-holds-third-covid-vaccination-campaign-for-staff/ Zain will hold a third COVID vaccination campaign for staff

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