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Zakat Fund will provide 16.4 million QR aid in November

The Ministry of Donation (Awqaf) Zakat Fund and Islamic Affairs provided 16,472,247 QR aid to 800 eligible families in Qatar in November.
This includes regular and temporary assistance, all of which is paid by the fund’s management to eligible families registered in accordance with Sharia’s regulations.
Fayez Moazi al-Shammari, Head of the Zakat Funds Division, said that the Zakat Fund deserves this aid through men after conducting social and field surveys for those applying for aid on behalf of the Qatari people. I explained that I would pay for it. Female branch of the department.
He added that the Zakat Fund is a government agency entrusted with the law to collect the Zakat Fund and provide them to eligible people in accordance with Shariah rules.
Zakat performers can pay Zakat through the Zakat Fund website www.zakat.gov.qa, offices and collection points scattered throughout the country, and the Fund’s bank account.
If you wish to receive assistance from the fund, you can also visit its website, view the required documents and documents, fill out the forms and declarations, upload the required documents and submit a request for assistance. Then a text message will be sent to the case. Request number for follow-up.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706924/Zakat-Fund-provides-QR16-4mn-aid-in-November Zakat Fund will provide 16.4 million QR aid in November

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