Zelenskiy thank Ireland for their support after meeting with Taoiseach in Kieu

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Ireland for his support during the Russian invasion when he met with the Irish Prime Minister in Kieu.

Micheál Martin reaffirmed Ireland’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people when he met Mr Zelensky in the war-torn capital on Wednesday.

Earlier, the Prime Minister witnessed the devastation caused by the Russian invasion when he visited the outskirts of Kieu, which was hurt by the conflict that was blamed for the attack on the city.

The tour included a solemn visit to the location of the mass grave on the grounds of Bucha’s church.

Micheál Martin (PA) watching damage to a building in Irpin

After holding a bilateral meeting with the Irish Prime Minister, Zelensky posted a social media message expressing his gratitude.

“Thanks Ireland for being close to this crucial time in our state,” he said.

“I am grateful that Ireland is on our side at this important time for our country.”

Since Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine at the end of February, Ireland has accepted more than 36,000 Ukrainian refugees.

The Government of Ireland has provided the country with € 20 million in humanitarian assistance and assistance, and has provided over € 4.5 million in medical equipment and donations.

Martin expresses Ireland’s full support for continued sanctions on Russia’s Vladimir Putin administration, the path to Ukraine’s full accession to the EU, and Ireland’s commitment to cooperate with the EU in rebuilding Ukraine. Take advantage of his visit for.

In addition to the bilateral meeting with President Zelensky, the Prime Minister also met with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhali.

“The Irish people are standing with Ukraine and their people in the face of Russia’s immoral and unprovoked war on terrorism,” Martin said.

Irish leaders insisted that Russia had to be held accountable, so bombing and attacking civilians was “a war crime.”

“The spirit and determination of the Ukrainian people has inspired all of us. Ireland will support all the paths to Ukraine’s full EU accession and will continue to welcome and support civilians fleeing this war. “He added.

Irish Prime Minister sees a photo exhibition depicting the Mass Grave of Bucha (Niall Carson / PA)

Martin’s day’s itinerary in a war-torn city began with a trip to Borodianka, a town on the outskirts of Kieu that was extensively damaged by Russian bombardment.

A 30-minute drive from the train station, the Prime Minister passed Hostmel Airport. There his convoy stopped to observe the destroyed bridge.

The delegation also passed the bombed warehouses, shopping centers and gas stations.

The scale of Ukraine’s efforts to protect their capital was clear, and numerous bunkers and fortresses were visible during the journey.

In Borodianka, Martin met the mayor of the town and saw a block of apartments burned down in a fire during a Russian bombardment.

From there, Martin visited the site of the Bucha Mass Cemetery.

The tomb was found on the grounds of St. Andrew’s Church.

A local priest showed Martin the location and an exhibition associated with graphic photographs of the excavated bodies of civilians left dead on the streets of the suburbs when Russian troops withdrew.

The Irish delegation then moved to nearby Irpin, where Taoi Zachi was shown a block of a heavily damaged apartment struck by a Russian shell.

After that, Martin said: “It is difficult to understand the devastation and inhumanity of Russia’s attacks on Irpin, Borodianka and Bucha.

“(It) reveals how important it is for women and children to go to Ireland to escape trauma and atrocities. We are standing with Ukraine.”

Taoiseach Michelál Martin sees a bomb-damaged Russian military vehicle at the Museum of History of Ukraine (Niall Carson / PA)

Prior to the meeting with the President of Ukraine, Micheál Martin visited the Kieu Museum, which displays items from the war, such as damaged Russian military vehicles and missile debris.

He placed a teddy bear at a monument near the children killed in previous conflicts.

Martin then visited a monument to commemorate the life lost in the Holodomor famine in Ukraine in the early 1930s.

The Prime Minister dedicated a wreath to the place and later lit a candle in the basement of the monument.

Martin’s trip took place two weeks after President Zelensky invited him to Ukraine.

This is the first time the Irish Prime Minister has visited a country in Eastern Europe.

On Monday, Putin declared victory by occupying Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, and his troops escalated the attack in neighboring Donetsk.

Martin previously warned that the Russian president appears to be using natural gas supplies to put maximum pressure on Europe ahead of the winter months.

The Irish Prime Minister has also supported the rapid growth of Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

In April, Cabinet Minister Simon Coveney became the first Foreign Minister of the United Nations Security Council, visiting Kyiv and meeting with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov. Zelenskiy thank Ireland for their support after meeting with Taoiseach in Kieu

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