Zelensky connects the fate of Donbus to fight for Severodonetsk

The battle over the city of Severodonetsk in Ukraine is cruel and will determine the fate of the Donbas region, said President Wolodimil Zelensky as Russian troops wereted on the city in an attack aimed at controlling eastern Ukraine. Follow FRANCE24’s live coverage of the war in Ukraine. All times are Paris time (GMT + 2).

06:18 am: Ukrainian farmers fear that grain will be wasted because exports have been blocked

If the war in Ukraine threatens the global food crisis, grain shortages are not enough to export it. In the Doniplo area, silos are full, cubic meters of agricultural warehouse storage reach exorbitant prices, and it is unclear where to store the crops that farmers were trying to sell abroad when the war broke out. .. France24 Jean-Emile Jammine Report:

03:55 am: “The fate of Donbus” decided in Severodonetsk, says Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Severodonetsk was called the “earthquake center” of the Battle of Donbas.

“This is a very fierce battle, very difficult and probably one of the most difficult of the whole war,” he said every night on the street outside his office in Kieu. I said by video address.

He said the Ukrainian army defended its position and inflicted actual losses on the Russian army.

“In many ways, it is there that the fate of our Donbus is determined,” Zelensky said.

Governor Luhansk acknowledged the difficulty of fighting the Russian army, saying, “I probably have to withdraw, but the fighting is still going on in the city.”

“Everything the Russian army has, such as cannons, mortars, tanks, and aviation, is used in Severodonetsk to clear the city from the surface of the earth and completely occupy it,” he said. ..

2:40 am: Millions have been hurt as the Ukrainian war raised prices, the United Nations says

The UN reports that the war in Ukraine has increased the suffering of millions of people by raising food and energy prices, in addition to the illnesses of the growing financial crisis. COVID-19 Pandemic When Climate change..

Report by United Nations Global Crisis Response Group The war, announced Wednesday, “has exacerbated the global cost of living crisis not seen in at least one generation,” undermining the UN’s goal of ending extreme poverty around the world by 2030. It has become.

The group was appointed by the Secretary General Antonio Guterres Assess the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

“The impact of war on food security, energy and finance is systematic, serious and speeding up,” Guterres said in a report.

12:29 am: Sanctions, report to wipe out 15 years of economic interests in Russia

Sanctions Was imposed on Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine According to Wednesday’s analysis, it is retreating more than a decade of economic growth and more than 30 years of integration with Western nations.

However, the Institute of International Finance economists have warned that the impact is a “moving goal” due to the additional sanctions. Russia Especially can be retaliation energy..

The damage will cost Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue the war, but sanctions will not work to “switch on”, IIF economist Elina Rivakova told reporters.

In the latest analysis, the IIF predicts that Russia’s economy will shrink by 15% this year and another 3% in 2023.

“Economic warfare” is “to unravel the economy,” and the author of the report states that “some of the most meaningful results have not yet been felt.”

IIF Vice President Clay Lowery said determining whether the penalties imposed on Russia would be valid depends on what the government is trying to achieve.

“If success is damaging the economy … it’s definitely some effect,” he told reporters.

But sanctions do not have a “good track record” that has driven major policy shifts, he said.

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