Zelensky unexpectedly dismisses the Ukrainian ambassador in Budapest

Ukrainian President Zelensky sent the Ukrainian ambassador to Budapest, Lubov Nepop, in a decree announced yesterday. Mrs. Nepop shed tears on the Hungarian government in March, referring to Hungary’s modest position on the Ukrainian war and Orban’s announcement that Budapest would not provide weapons, and they had a strategic calm in the tomb. He said he was just doing it.

according to szeretlekmagyarorszag.huNepop is not the only ambassador currently being dismissed. Apart from her, there are Indian Ambassador Igor Poleka, Norwegian representative Viacheslav Yaziuk, and Czech Ambassador Evgenia Perebinosa. The decree does not include an explanation and there is no news about whether diplomats will receive new missions.

Secretary of State points out peace as “the only solution” at the Dubrovnik Forum

Foreign Minister Tamas Menzel participated in a panel discussion at the Dubrovnik Forum with Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korchok and Croatian Culture Minister Nina Obrugen, where peace is the “only” of the challenges and risks of the war in Ukraine. The solution “. Korchok.

Menzer said the war in the vicinity of Hungary poses security, economic and energy challenges. He added that the war could cause food supply problems in areas around Europe and create a new wave of migration.

Police: 12,998 refugees arrive from Ukraine on Friday

According to the National Police Headquarters (ORFK), 6,798 people went directly from Ukraine to Hungary on Friday, and another 6,200 from Ukraine came from Romania. Budapest police have accepted 307 refugees arriving by train and 106 children among them, ORFK said on Saturday.

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sauce: MTI Zelensky unexpectedly dismisses the Ukrainian ambassador in Budapest

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