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Zelenskyy demands more money, modern weapons from NATO summit

Western allies pledge to strengthen NATO’s defenses and support Ukraine to the end when Moscow demands the surrender of Kyiv and the fierce battle begins on the 126th day.

The Ukrainian president has asked NATO for more weapons to fight the Russian attack. (AFP)

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Zelenskyy demands a more complete NATO hug, more weapons

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky told NATO leaders that Ukraine needs modern weapons and more financial assistance in the fight against the Russian attack.

“We need to break the dominance of Russian artillery … we need a more modern system, modern artillery,” Zelensky told the NATO summit in Madrid in a videolink.

He added that financial support is “as important as weapons support.” “Russia still receives billions of dollars every day and spends it in war. It has a billion-dollar deficit and no oil and gas to make up for it,” Zelensky said, Ukraine for defense. He added that he needed about $ 5 billion a month.

US Boosting Force Attitude in Europe Against Russian Threat-Biden

President Joe Biden said the United States has long strengthened its military presence in Europe and strengthened regional security after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

At the opening ceremony of the Alliance’s annual summit in Madrid, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltemberg said, “NATO is strong and united,” and the steps taken during the rally “We will further strengthen our total strength,” he said.

Biden announces that the United States will establish a permanent headquarters in Poland, send two additional F-35 fighter squadrons to the United Kingdom, and send more air defense and other capabilities to Germany and Italy. , Has started to participate in the summit.

The United States states that there is no communication with Russia about the military changes in Europe

The United States has not been in contact with Russia about a series of major changes in military stance in Europe, and there is no need to do so, US officials said.

Officials said NATO’s first new strategic concept since 2010 first mentions China’s “systematic challenges” and its fast-growing relationship with Russia.

NATO summit evidence alliance is trying to contain Russia-Moscow

Moscow said the NATO summit in Madrid served as evidence that the alliance was trying to contain Russia and saw Finland and Sweden’s NATO bids as a “destabilizing” factor.

“The summit in Madrid confirms and strengthens the block’s policy of actively containing Russia,” a Russian news agency said.

“We believe that the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance is a purely unstable factor in international affairs.”

Norway sends rocket launcher to Ukraine

Norway has announced that it will donate three multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine after the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States have made similar decisions.

Kyiv, whose troops are struggling to protect the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, has repeatedly called on its allies to provide heavier weapons.

“We must continue to help Ukraine continue its struggle for freedom and independence,” Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arildo Gram said in a statement.

$ 330 billion in frozen Russian assets

According to the International Sanctions Task Force, more than $ 330 billion of financial resources owned by the Russian elite and its central bank have been frozen by the West since the Moscow attack began.

Russia’s elite, agent, Oligarch Task Force (REPO) is a $ 30 billion asset belonging to Russia’s Oligarchs and officials, with members including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, major EU member states, Japan and other allies. It has blocked and fixed $ 300, a billion owned by the Russian central bank.

Buses and trains connecting Crimea in southern Ukraine

Crimean officials have announced the start of bus and train services between the annexed Moscow Peninsula and the occupied Russian territories in southern Ukraine.

“From July 1st, regular bus and train services between the Crimean and Kherson and Zaporizhia regions will begin for the first time in eight years,” said Sergey Aksyonov, Crimea’s pro-Moscow representative.

Russia’s attack partially ends the isolation of Crimea by seizing most of the control of southeastern Ukraine to build an overpass between Russia and the peninsula seized by Moscow in 2014. It was the purpose.

Stoltenberg says Moscow poses a “direct threat” to NATO

NATO leaders meeting in Madrid will review the alliance’s defenses in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine and see Russia as a security threat, NATO chief Jens Stortemberg. Said.

“We make it clear that Russia is directly threatening our security,” Stoltenberg said prior to the release of NATO’s new strategic blueprint.

Mr Stortemberg said the alliance is meeting in Madrid “in the midst of the most serious security crisis it has faced since World War II.”

TKilled in a strike in a house in Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Governor Vitaly Kim said two people were killed and three were injured in a Russian strike on a residential building in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv.

He did not reveal whether it was a bomb or missile attack, a cannon or a mortar.

Moscow-controlled Kherson is preparing to join Russia-TASS

The Moscow-controlled military-civilian government in the Kherson region of Russia has begun preparing for a referendum on joining Russia, Russia’s national news agency TASS reported.

Gazprom’s gas exports to Europe via Ukraine are steadily

Gazprom, a Russian gas producer, said that the supply of gas to Europe via Ukraine via the entrance to Suja is 42.2 mcm on Tuesday, compared to 42.1 million cubic meters (mcm) on Wednesday. I am saying.

According to Gazprom, the application to supply gas through another major entrance, Sokranovka, was again rejected by Ukraine.

Zelenskyy says Putin has become a “terrorist”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of becoming a “terrorist” leading a “terrorist state” and urged Russia to be expelled from the United Nations, calling the UN team the city of Clementuk.

In a de facto speech to the UN Security Council, Zelensky urged the United Nations to investigate “Russian occupiers’ actions on Ukrainian soil” and establish an international court to hold the country accountable. ..

“Russia needs to do everything urgently to stop the murder,” Zelensky said, otherwise Russia’s “terrorist activity” would spread to other European countries and Asia, the Baltic states, Poland, Moldova warned that he would pick out Kazakhstan. “Putin has become a terrorist,” he said. “Every day terrorists act without weekends. They work as terrorists every day.”

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