9 Fundamental Differences Between Land-based and Online Casinos

Both online casinos and land-based casinos operate under the same concept. Both allow you to play games, bet your funds, and gamble on the outcome.

However, an online casino is significantly different from a traditional one. Hence, chances are, you might love to play in one but not another. Keep reading this article to find out which one is suitable for you.

Online Casino Vs. Land Base Casino: At a Glance


Factors to Consider Online Casino Land-Based Casino
Comfort Comfort of home No home comfort


Secured if the casino is licensed Secured


Gambling entertainment Limited on-screen entertainment Real-time thrill and excitement
Game variety Huge collection of games Limited collection of games
Prize withdrawal Delay in withdrawal Instant cash withdrawal
Bonuses and Perks Frequent bonuses and perks Bonuses and perks are given rarely
Anonymity Anonymous and sometimes untraceable transaction Not anonymous
Skill Set Required Newbie to Pro Intermediate to Pro


Fundamental Differences Between Online Casino and Land-Based Casinos

9 Fundamental Differences Between Land-based and Online Casinos

Ease of Access and Convenience

The ease of accessibility of online casinos from the comfort of homes is the main factor that drives many people to gamble on the internet. The fact that you can open up your laptop, visit a gambling site and start betting within two minutes is convenient. You can even deposit funds without adding bank details on casinos. Check out our article on pay by phone casino not boku to find out how.

On the other hand, if you were to visit a traditional land-based casino, you would have to leave the comfort of your bed, get dressed and reach the casino location. This is something you will only do if you are a passionate gambler. So, talking from the perspective of comfort, traditional casinos fall short.

Winner: Online Casino

Experiencing The Real Thrill of Casinos

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If you are used to playing in traditional casinos, watching the ball move as you bet, feeling the suspense in real-time, and immersing in the thrill when it lands, then an online casino may not satisfy you. An online casino’s thrill and excitement is limited to the screen, which is somewhat disappointing to traditional gamblers.

Most of us will agree that as much as gambling is about money, it is also about the adrenaline we feel while playing. It’s human nature and instinct to seek that thrill. Hence, if you have been into a traditional casino and experienced the rush, an online casino will not match that level of excitement.

Winner: Land Based Casinos

Safety and Security

We all want to protect our funds in every possible way. Losing money in gambling is one thing; however, getting scammed and stolen of your funds is disastrous. An online casino is prone to get hacked; however, if you have done your research right and are playing on a licensed gambling website, you have nothing to worry about.

Land-based casinos are mostly invulnerable to theft and scam. They have their big muscular bouncers and high-end security systems in place. Anyone trying to rob this kind of place will need to think twice. That assures you safety and security.

Winner: Both land-based and online casino (Tie)

Game Choices and Options

An online casino takes advantage of digitization. It gives you a plethora of games in its online library to choose from. That means you will never get bored or run out of new concepts in games. New technologies like Random Number Generation help online casinos support this massive collection of games.

A land-based casino will possibly not have thousands of games as the area space and infrastructure would not allow that. That leaves you with limited game options, and you might not even like all of them.

Winner: Online Casino

Social Environment and Surroundings

There is no scope for social gatherings, drinks, and personal interactions in an online casino platform. Yes, you may sit behind the computer screen with your friends, grab some beer cans and gamble together. However, the environment and enthusiasm is nothing like that of a traditional offline casino.

A land-based casino offers the social environment and personal interaction you expect in a casino. Many gamblers crave this social surrounding and visit casinos to enjoy that thrill in the air. Offline casinos offer real-time pressure while playing games. You may also find many excited individuals cheering for you as you win. That’s a different feeling.

Winner: Land-Based Casino

Perks and Bonuses

Most online casinos offer joining bonuses to new players. They focus a lot on their marketing strategies and try to drive as many users as possible. They can afford this because the overall expense for running an online casino is relatively low compared to a land-based casino. Sure, they have their server bills and maintenance costs, but it’s not even close to an offline casino’s expenses.

A traditional casino cannot offer you many perks and bonuses unless you have spent millions in their casino. Hence, there is not much scope for new joiners to claim any perks and rewards, unlike an online gambling platform.

Winner: Online Casino

Economic Growth and Taxes

The concept of online casinos was fascinating even for the government as they expected it to become a huge revenue stream. However, the reality was disappointing. The actual revenue that came was 45% of what was predicted by experts. The real reason for this is that online casinos employ fewer people, and their operational costs are low. Hence the tax applicable on them also decreases.

A land-based casino contributes a lot to the economy by paying high taxes. This makes sense because traditional casinos hire many employees and have high operational costs. So, looking from the perspective of economic growth, You should prefer land-based casinos.

Winner: Land-Based Casino

The Psychology Behind Gambling

You can do anything at an online casino with a click of a button. This means, it’s very easy to overspend your money. When you win, you are confident, and when you lose, you are frustrated. In both cases, you are likely to over-gamble as most of us don’t spare the time to think about the consequences. Everything happens at a blazing fast speed.

In a land-based casino, you have time to think and control your urge to overspend. You will be putting out the money physically with your hands and not by a click allowing you to make rational decisions. Therefore, if you like your gambling based on logic and not impulse, you need to try a land-based casino.

Winner: Land-Based Casino

Withdrawing Winnings and Prizes

Online mode is known for its fast and seamless transfers. However, in most online casinos, you need to wait for some time to withdraw your winnings due to verification and other technical reasons. Users who don’t have much patience will not like this delay.

You can instantly exchange your casino tokens or chips for real money on the exchange counter in a land-based casino. Hence, there are no delays in claiming and withdrawing your prize money.

Winner: Land-Based Casino

Bottom Line: Which One Should You Choose?

I have explained the difference between online and land-based casinos unbiasedly. As you can see, it mostly depends on you and your preferences. If you are a professional gambler seeking the real thrill with enough funds to spare, a land-based casino will be good for you.

Talking about the majority of users, they are new to the gambling industry. They simply want to play and participate in the concept of gambling without going all pro.

In that case, an online casino platform will be a good fit for them. So, consider the differences and let me know which one is your favorite.

So we dived in and explored in detail the between online and traditional casinos worldwide around the world from your perspective as a user.


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