13 mins ago

    Paris Hilton is working on reforming a treatment center from Utah to Washington, DC

    Paris Hilton worked to reform a detention center for troubled teens on Wednesday after urging…
    14 mins ago

    Wall Street looks to monetize as Bitcoin becomes mainstream

    New York, October 20: Whether you love cryptocurrencies or hate those ideas themselves, they are…
    29 mins ago

    White Sand Bahamas NCAA Invitational Return

    The famous White Sand Bahamas NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Invitational will return to the…
    30 mins ago

    North Korea launches eight submarine-launched ballistic missiles in 2021

    North Korea “successfully” launched a new missile test on Tuesday, Kim Jong-un said Wednesday. The…
      6 mins ago

      The report suggests that Syria’s Altanif base, which hosts the U.S. military, is under drone strike.

      Registration was successful!Follow the link from the email sent to Send again The report suggests that Syria’s Altanif base,…
      8 mins ago

      2021-22 CBA Season Tips Look Fundamentally Different

      2021-22 CBA Season Tips Look Fundamentally Different-SupChina Skip to content Search for companies based in China Search for companies based…
      9 mins ago

      Two Amendments to Thursday (21) by the Minister of Justice and Regulations on Parliament

      Colombo (News First); The Minister of Justice Advisory Board met on Friday, October 15, chaired by the Head of the…
      10 mins ago

      Photos of Kim Jong Un and Pak Jong Chin ignite the keen interest of North Korean elites

      Image: YouTube capture The large photo displayed at the venue of the defense exhibition “Self-Defense 2021” to commemorate the anniversary…
      12 mins ago

      Biden urged to cancel California’s coastal oil lease after spill | Environmental News

      Environmentalists say the Biden administration has the power to cancel oil and gas leasing off the coast of California. Following…
      12 mins ago

      According to S & P, Dubai’s tourism sector will not recover until late 2022.

      Dubai’s major tourism sector is unlikely to recover for at least a year, according to the S & P Global…
      15 mins ago

      New Bergen Engines owners say some employees will lose their jobs

      Photo: Bjørnar Morønning / NTB advertisement Contributor: Robin-Ivan Kapar October 20, 2021 Anthony Langley, the new owner of Bergen Engines,…
      16 mins ago

      Finland’s largest hospital district considering the possibility of re-adopting restrictions

      Civil servant The Helsinki Hospital District and Ushimar (HUS) are prepared for the possibility that restrictions may have to be…
      18 mins ago

      Violation of Green Pass – 5 years in prison, fine up to 50,000

      Inspectors who monitor compliance with new epidemic measures must have a green certificate. If they find a serious breach, they…
      19 mins ago

      COVID19: 2 people die as hospitalization increases

      Cyprus reported two deaths from Covid-19 on Wednesday. This was due to the reduction in new infections to 143, but…
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