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Exploring the 2026 Kia EV9 GT: Comprehensive Insights into the High-Performance Electric SUV

The Hyundai Group is making significant strides in the electric vehicle market, and Kia appears poised to take the lead in delivering affordable yet high-performance all-electric vehicles. During Kia’s 2024 CEO Investor Day presentation, it was revealed that a new model, the EV9 GT, will join the EV6 GT in the lineup.

While specifics are currently limited, Kia has announced that the EV9 GT is set to debut in January 2025, positioning it as a potential 2026 model year vehicle. There is speculation that we may get a glimpse of it as a concept at the 2024 LA Auto Show. Despite efforts to obtain more information from Kia’s American PR team, they declined to comment.

During the 2024 presentation, Kia’s President and CEO, Ho Sung Song, emphasized that the EV9 GT will offer rapid acceleration and stable driving performance. Kia also highlighted on-screen that the GT will boast “enormous power output,” enabling the all-electric SUV to reach 62 mph in just four seconds. Equipped with all-wheel drive powered by two high-output motors and a reinforced suspension, the EV9 GT is expected to deliver enhanced braking performance through increased regeneration, ensuring stability at high speeds.

What Is the Most High-Performance EV9 Variant Available?

Presently, the pinnacle of the EV9 lineup is the GT-Line, a trim equipped with all-wheel drive and powered by dual motors, boasting a combined output of 379 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Surprisingly nimble for a three-row SUV, the EV9 GT-Line accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds—2.5 seconds quicker than the fastest Kia Telluride and 1.4 seconds speedier than a Toyota Grand Highlander Max. Impressively, it also boasts exceptional braking capabilities, coming to a complete stop from 60 mph in only 118 feet.

Regrettably, this impressive GT-Line performance is accompanied by a reduction in range, with the vehicle capable of traveling 270 miles on a full charge of its 99.8-kWh battery pack—approximately 100 miles less than a fully fueled Telluride. Nevertheless, the EV9 benefits from Hyundai Group’s 800-volt architecture battery pack, enabling it to leverage 350 kW DC Fast Chargers. In just 24 minutes, the EV9 can charge from 10 percent (around 20 to 30 miles) to 80 percent (approximately 215 to 220 miles), significantly reducing charging time. Moreover, you have the convenience of charging it at home using a 240-volt outlet, waking up to a fully charged EV9—a luxury not afforded by the Telluride or Grand Highlander Max.

More Than One GT Variant?

The EV9 GT might not be the sole GT trim within Kia’s electric vehicle range. As per the announcement associated with Kia’s 2024 CEO Investor Day unveiling, the company “intends to introduce additional GT trim options for its EV lineup.” Additionally, Kia pledges to enhance both comfort and performance through further over-the-air (OTA) updates and functionalities. Furthermore, enhancements are anticipated across its diverse technologies, with references to advancements in next-generation vehicle architecture, high-performance central computers, controller-integrated software, and more, including AI assistance for optimizing fuel efficiency in its internal combustion engine (ICE) models.

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