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Top Remaining NFL Draft Prospects: Who Stands Out After Day 2?

The 2024 NFL Draft has already witnessed the selection of marquee names, but even after the first two days of the event, there remains notable talent waiting to find its home in the league.

The initial round saw a historic surge in quarterbacks, which consequently pushed down several players who were initially projected to be selected on Day 1. Despite the lower number of early entrants, totaling just 58, the lowest since 2011, there are still prospects with the potential to become quality starters in the league.

As the second and third rounds concluded, attention turned to the best players still available entering Saturday’s selections:

  1. Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon: Franklin presents an enticing option for teams looking to enhance their passing game. With a knack for gaining yardage on deep routes, the 6-2, 176-pound receiver can also capitalize on run-after-catch opportunities, albeit likely serving as a complementary piece rather than the primary target.
  2. Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas: Sanders, standing at an imposing 6-4, 245 pounds, resembles the trend of college tight ends transitioning into oversized receivers. While primarily utilized wide, his versatility and playmaking ability across the field make him a promising prospect for creating mismatches in the passing game.
  3. T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State: Tampa’s physical attributes and aggressive playing style enable him to effectively shadow receivers and contest catches at the line of scrimmage. Despite potential vulnerabilities in long-speed matchups, his ability to thrive as a playmaker in zone coverage adds to his appeal.

Beyond these top prospects, a wealth of talent spans various positions, offering teams ample opportunities to bolster their rosters on Day 3 of the draft. With each pick, franchises aim to secure players who can make immediate impacts and contribute to their success on the field.

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