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2025 Toyota 4Runner Arrives, Fulfilling Expectations After Anticipation

After an impressive 15-year tenure, the fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner hands over the reins to the 2025 Toyota 4Runner, ushering in the model’s eagerly awaited sixth generation. The previous model maintained strong popularity, but its time to step aside arrived with the introduction of new engines, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and the TNGA-F frame and suspension architecture recently debuted in the latest Toyota Tacoma and the revived Land Cruiser.

The 4Runner’s fresh front-end styling doesn’t directly mirror the Tacoma, but it shares a notable resemblance. With a wider track and three additional inches of overall body width, its stance echoes that of the Tacoma, with prominent fender flares extending further to accommodate the suspension’s widened track. Although specific dimensions remain undisclosed, the Toyo Open Country AT III tires fitted to the TRD Pro and Trailhunter models measure 265/70R-18, translating to a towering 33 inches in height.

The increase in tire size is made feasible by a lengthened wheelbase at the front, akin to the Tacoma, providing enhanced body-mount clearance. This results in a 2.4-inch wheelbase extension for the 4Runner (from 109.8 to 112.2 inches), aligning it with the new Land Cruiser, Lexus GX550, and even the Lexus LX600. Moving rearward, the 4Runner’s redesigned styling extends past the rear doors, presenting muscular rear haunches, while the upper edge of the rear side window seamlessly melds into the roof, paying homage to its earlier generations.

Inside, the 2025 4Runner shares striking similarities with the new Tacoma, boasting an identical instrument cluster, center stack, and control layout, including the controls for the part-time four-wheel-drive transfer case. The availability of a 14.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, further enhances the cabin experience. Notably, the interior’s thoughtful design and functionality, observed in recent Tacoma evaluations, are replicated, promising user-friendly operation.

Powering the 2025 4Runner is the base 2.4-liter i-Force engine, a turbocharged inline-four generating 278 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque, identical to its Tacoma counterpart. Paired exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission, this engine configuration will be standard for the SR5, TRD Sport, and base TRD Off-Road and Limited trims. The optional 2.4-liter i-Force Max 4Runner Hybrid amplifies total output to 326 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, blending an electric motor with the base engine and transmission. This hybrid variant, offered in select trims, promises a significant boost in performance.

The 2025 4Runner also reintroduces an optional third-row seat, likely limited to models equipped with the standard i-Force engine, as the hybrid’s battery pack occupies space beneath the rear cargo floor. Access to the third row is facilitated by a redesigned rear seat, transitioning to a one-step tumble for seamless entry. Utilizing the TNGA-F architecture shared with the Tacoma and Land Cruiser, the 4Runner’s suspension configuration mirrors its predecessors but undergoes geometric refinements for improved performance.

Expectations are high for the new 2025 Toyota 4Runner, and its anticipated fall 2024 release ensures a swift arrival, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience its capabilities firsthand. With its long-awaited debut, the sixth-generation 4Runner promises to deliver a compelling driving experience and elevate the standards of off-road performance.

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