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Why Customers are Falling Head Over Heels for BluTiger

If you have ever thought to yourself that you want more out of your day when it comes to pursuing your physical fitness but were unsure of how you could get it, you would be in the same boat as millions of others. In fact, the number one reason why people don’t pursue their health and fitness desires is typically just the time that they don’t have in a week.

 Society is structured around a hustle style of life and it’s hard to fit in anything that isn’t bare bones necessity. Between work or family or even education, no matter what stage of life you are in it can feel overwhelming to try and find time to pursue your fitness goals.

 When it comes to making your health and fitness goals happen, it’s not impossible. Yes it may be challenging, but there are certain tools that can actually help you pursue these goals and still have time for all the hustle of your day to day life. BluTiger compact ellipticals are one of these tools!

An Elliptical Built for Your Life

The BluTiger Reviews are in and people are excited about how these compact ellipticals are helping to impact their lives and push them further toward their fitness goals. The greatest thing about a BluTiger elliptical is how it is built to fit into your life. Weighing only 14 pounds and taking up a surprisingly small footprint, this elliptical can be easily placed under most desks, kitchen tables or even in front of your favorite comfy chair.

 All the areas you find yourself sitting in for long periods of time you can now transform into small workout stations with this compact elliptical. Simply place it on the floor, make sure it has two AA batteries, put it on the desired resistance setting, and then start pedaling.

 With up to eight different magnetic resistance levels, the BluTiger can keep you challenged and help you build toned muscle and even boost your energy! This low impact cardio is great for your heart and easy on your knees while also supporting flexibility and joint function.

Buttery Smooth Motion – Large Easy Pedals

Every aspect of the BluTiger’s design has been crafted to give you the most bang for your buck. The large pedals ensure easy placement and use no matter your age or physical fitness and the fluid elliptical motion keeps you going the entire time. The entire benefit of a normal elliptical is now completely transportable and compact enough to fit under your kitchen table!

 You can even take it to work and put it under your desk. You can now transform your day by getting the low impact cardio you need while sending out company wide emails. The great thing about it being low impact cardio is that you can easily increase your strength and grow muscle without putting in so much effort that it becomes something you couldn’t do at the office.

A Great Gift

If you have a loved one or a friend that may not be able to access a gym regularly, this incredible machine is a great gift that really says you care about them! You can use the BluTiger at home in front of your TV from the comfort of your favorite chair or even outside on the porch while you read a book.

Easy to Use

The seated BluTiger elliptical is one of the easiest machines to use. You simply pop in two AA batteries and start pedaling! The resistance dial is also easy to access and all you have to do is turn it to the right to increase resistance or the left to decrease resistance. This allows you to set goals and train for becoming stronger as you use the elliptical more.

 With settings on the easy to use built-in display mode like, SCAN, TIME, CAL, SPEED or DST you can keep track of your progress. The exciting part about using this machine is how much it will actually transform all of your sitting time into active cardio time.

Get Your BluTiger Compact Elliptical!

So no matter what fitness level you are at, this unique device can impact your life and transform your day. With easy to use, low impact cardio and a footprint small enough and light enough to put into any part of your day, the BluTiger compact elliptical could be exactly what you need!


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