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How to choose a cleaning company?

Choosing a cleaning contractor is a difficult process.

How to determine the quality of service? What do you need to know about equipment and inventory? How to control the process? In this article, we will consider the points that should be considered when organizing a tender for cleaning services. The company https://www.livecleantoday.com/ provides high-quality cleaning services: for business: daily maintenance and main cleaning  using specialized equipment, general cleaning, etc.

Staff quality

Low-skilled staff is not always polite, not always neat. In order for the company not only to promise, but actually provide professional employees, it is worth discussing these issues before the start of the tender.

Feel free to identify your wishes and ask what salary the executing company puts into its calculation. After all, the quality of the staff that will work at your facility depends on the level of this salary.

It is also worth asking how the staff will be formed, whether they plan to do it at all, how remuneration will be paid, and so on. The main share of the cost in the calculation is the cost of the payroll (about 60%), so do not be shy to show the contractor that you are not indifferent to this issue.

Detergents and cleaners

If a company plans to offer you a simple line of household chemicals or some kind of chemicals of dubious origin without certificates, this is fraught with the health of all employees who will be in the office after such a line. Find out what line of products they use, how professional and effective it is, and most importantly, whether there are certificates for its use. Conscientious cleaning companies are careful when choosing their line of surface care products, because it helps not only to clean efficiently, but also to extend the life of all surfaces.

Equipment and inventory

No one wants to have old equipment with a long track record used at their facility. A large company always has funds to invest in a new project, in order to purchase and deliver new modern equipment to the facility.

Process control

Who will be the person who will be responsible for the quality at the facility and quickly respond to comments from the executive company? Ideally, this is an administrator or manager from the cleaning company. Write in the terms of reference how often you would like to see this person at the facility. For someone, once a week or a month will be enough, and someone wants to see such a person every day.

The professional administrator is responsible for:

  • access of personnel to the facility;
  • for setting tasks;
  • for monitoring the implementation of these tasks;
  • for the quality of work

At the finish line for the tender, invite the project manager or administrator to a face-to-face meeting to get to know each other, ask questions, analyze cases and see how qualified the person is.

Selection, adaptation and motivation  of personnel

Some companies are constantly struggling to staff and at least someone went to the site for show. Others have an operating time on the mechanisms for attracting personnel, are engaged in its adaptation, training and work on the quality of services.

Be sure to ask how the company attracts staff.

For line personnel, simple transparent motivation is also needed. People must understand what depends on them at the facility, where their duties begin and end. Few cleaning companies pay attention to this. Using all modern HR areas and tools, you can work effectively with staff and reduce the percentage of turnover at the facility.

Provider company development

Always be interested in how the applicant company is developing and what innovations it uses in its work. Maybe they have software that will help you communicate more effectively and quickly.


How much does high-quality cleaning cost in your office, enterprise, store, warehouse? If the list of companies has a very low price, it is worth considering. As we have already found out, the main share is staff salaries and, most likely, the company saves, and this leads to negative aspects in attracting and retaining staff. You don’t have to pay twice for this service.

The best option is to analyze a company with an average price.

Select 2-3 candidates, invite to a face-to-face meeting. How do companies respond to your suggestions and wishes? What can they offer besides the basic set of services?


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