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“Summer House” Recap: Lindsay Hubbard Criticizes Carl Radke’s Lack of Ambition as Unappealing

Lindsay Hubbard didn’t hold back in expressing her concerns about her relationship with Carl Radke, especially regarding their sex life and his lack of ambition, in the latest episode of Summer House.

During the April 11 episode of the Bravo series, Lindsay, 37, opened up about her feelings towards Carl, stating, “I’ve always been patient with Carl. I love this man so much. I know he wants to make me happy.” Despite her love for him, she acknowledged that they were experiencing challenges in the bedroom.

Lindsay confessed during a confessional that she found it difficult when her partner lacked ambition and didn’t match her drive. She expressed, “Having to constantly light a fire for someone else is not that sexy. [It] doesn’t really get my juices going.”

At the time of filming in summer 2023, Carl was in a transition period professionally, no longer working with Kyle Cooke at Loverboy and exploring other options. Lindsay shared her concerns about their intimacy with friends Andrea Denver and Paige DeSorbo, rating their sex life a “two and a half” and mentioning the importance of regular intimacy for a better score.

Reflecting on their recent heart-to-heart, Lindsay revealed her conversation with Carl about their challenges and the pressure he felt. She admitted, “The thing Carl hates most in life is disappointing me.”

Despite these frustrations, Lindsay remained optimistic about their upcoming wedding, describing it as a “fairy tale ending.” She shared her excitement with friends, expressing gratitude for finding love with her best friend despite past feelings of imposter syndrome.

However, one month after filming, Carl broke off their engagement, and their November 2023 wedding was canceled. Lindsay’s openness about their relationship struggles continued, emphasizing her desire for intimacy and willingness to try new things to improve their connection.

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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