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125 million-year-old dinosaur feathers had been remarkably just like trendy chook feathers, evaluation reveals

Feathers from modern-day birds have extra in widespread with dinosaur feathers than specialists beforehand thought and have the same protein composition, a brand new X-ray evaluation reveals. The invention affords new perception into the evolution of feathers over a whole bunch of thousands and thousands of years.

Paleontologists examined feathers from three historical animals, together with a 125 million-year-old nonavian dinosaur known as Sinornithosaurus present in China; a 125 million-year-old early chook, additionally from China, often known as Confuciusornis; and an unspecified species that lived in what’s now the Inexperienced River Formation in Wyoming 50 million years in the past, in keeping with a examine printed Sept. 21 within the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

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