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A quiz on the longest surviving written constitution of presidency

We have now a vacation, parades and light-weight fireworks to have a good time the signing of the Declaration of Independence. However the Structure? The authorized pact all of us love and argue about and, in some circumstances, die to defend? Sept. 17 marks the 236th anniversary of the day the framers signed the doc and despatched it to the states for ratification. It took one other three years earlier than all of the states signed on to the Structure.

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The Structure is the supreme legislation of america. These 4 massive sheets of parchment outline the framework and powers of the federal authorities. The Structure was positioned with the Division of State in 1789 and stayed in its custody till 1921, when it was transferred to the Library of Congress. It was exhibited there from 1924 till 1954. Since then, the 4 sheets of paper that comprise the Structure are on show on the Nationwide Archives in Washington, D.C.

An enduring affect

The U.S. Structure was a compromise that didn’t come collectively simply. Most of the framers weren’t thrilled with the assorted concepts, and so they argued about it for 4 months. On signing day, even Benjamin Franklin provided solely blended approval, saying “there are a number of components of this Structure which I don’t at current approve…” Nevertheless, earlier than signing Franklin added this: “However I’m unsure I shall by no means approve them.” At this time, the U.S. Structure is the world’s longest-surviving written constitution of presidency, and it stays a mannequin for democratic nations world wide.

Article I assigns the accountability for making legal guidelines to the legislative department.

Article II particulars the manager department and the places of work of the president and vice chairman.

Article III establishes the judicial department with the U.S. Supreme Court docket because the federal courtroom system’s highest courtroom.

There are seven articles within the Structure.

Ratification course of

It took 10 months for the primary 9 states to ratify the Structure and make it efficient on June 21, 1788. The remainder of the states later authorized, together with Rhode Island, which didn’t attend the Constitutional Conference. A number of states had been unanimously in favor, however many had been closely contested.

Take a look at your data

The invoice of rights is:

A) The primary 10 amendments

B) The fifteenth modification

C) The whole Structure

Reply: A. There was a priority when the Structure was written, in 1787, that the federal authorities can be too highly effective. The Invoice of Rights was added in 1791 to place a test on the facility of the nationwide authorities and to guard the person rights of all Individuals.

Who wrote the preamble?

“We the Folks of america, in Order to type a extra good Union, set up Justice, insure home Tranquility, present for the frequent protection, promote the overall Welfare, and safe the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and set up this Structure for america of America.”

A) F. Scott Fitzgerald

B) Benjamin Franklin

C) Gouverneur Morris

Reply: C. Morris, a local New Yorker, represented Pennsylvania on the conference. He was certainly one of 5 writers of the Structure however is given full credit score for the preamble.

What was our nation’s first Structure referred to as?

A) The Articles of Confederation

B) The Federalist Paper

C) The Emancipation Proclamation

Reply: A

In what metropolis was the Constitutional Conference held?

A) Philadelphia

B) New York

C) Washington, D.C.

Reply: A

The Constitutional Conference in Philadelphia met between Might and September of 1787 to deal with the issues of the weak central authorities that existed underneath the Articles of Confederation.

Which of those Founding Fathers didn’t attend the Constitutional Conference in Philadelphia?

A) Thomas Jefferson

B) John Hancock

C) John Adams

D) All of them

Reply: D. Jefferson was serving as minister to France, Adams was minister to Nice Britain and Hancock turned down the invitation.

Does the Structure require the speaker of the Home to be a member of Congress?

A) Sure

B) No

Reply: B, though a nonmember has by no means been chosen speaker.

What number of signers of the Declaration of Independence signed the Structure?

A) 76

B) 6

C) 12

Reply: B, George Learn, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, George Clymer and James Wilson.

Rating: 5-7 right = Supreme Court docket Justice

The amendments through the years

The Invoice of Rights contains the primary 10 amendments to the Structure, ratified Dec. 15, 1791. There have been 27 amendments through the years.

Sources: Nationwide Archives, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Companies, The White Home, Constitutioncenter.org

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