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An immunologist explains why the immune system works finest when balanced, not ‘boosted’

For immune well being, some influencers appear to suppose the Goldilocks philosophy of “excellent” is overrated. Why accept much less immunity when you’ll be able to have extra? Many social media posts push dietary supplements and different life hacks that “enhance your immune system” to maintain you wholesome and fend off sickness.

Nonetheless, these claims will not be primarily based on science and what’s identified about immune perform. Wholesome immune techniques do not must be “boosted.” As an alternative, the immune system works finest when it’s completely balanced. Scientific specialists on the immune system — immunologists — know that an excessive amount of of an immune response may end in allergic reactions, autoimmune issues or continual irritation. On the flip aspect, too little of an immune response may end in sickness or an infection.

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