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Dolato strain features

Dolato strain has a high percentage of THC, so inexperienced smokers should be careful with this strain. After smoking, you get a powerful wave of energy, which only experienced smokers can cope with. The use of Dolato strain relieves fatigue and sleepiness and fills you with energy.

How to choose high THC cannabis seeds?

While newbies are satisfied with weak and gentle strains and only get to know the World of mature growing and cannabis, experienced connoisseurs of this product are looking for where to buy weed online or cannabis seeds of the most potent strain. West Coast Supply offers a selection of high THC strains at great deals at our online bar:

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Features of Dolato strain

Starting from the pre-bloom of dolato strain, the rich colors of the palette gradually unfolded: sweet and sour tones of mango on an earthy background of musk, playing with the notes of spices and wood. Strain survived the heat well, as expected from a descendant of Afghani Indica and tropical Sativas. A couple of weeks before ripening the concentrated sweet stench was eating my eyes, making me sneeze.

Dolato strain is fully consistent with the aggressive appearance of the planting: dense, bizarrely shaped colas are covered with trichomes and pistils, a bit like a cactus; yellowish and orange streaks often appear on the tops and foliage (carotenoids) – the variety is quite picturesque.

The Dolato strain effect is strong and varied. Waves of sizzling stonewort can take you out into the bright waters of Sativa. A trip with this rider you will remember for a long time. It is quite possible that not once will slip the thought that would sooner let it go. However, the lorica effect is known for adjusting to the smoker’s expectations, so you should not be frightened by particularly sharp turns.

A characteristic feature of this variety is a pungent smell, which cannot be confused with anything else. It is better to store these weeds hermetically, and if you have an Auto Deadryder in your box you should buy a charcoal filter. Otherwise, the original lorica stink will burn you.


Dolato strain is recommended to consume before having sex – it loosens up, and adds confidence and passion. In the morning hours, a Sativa is more encouraging and tonic than any energy drink. It has an effect that lasts for about three hours and can be smoked at any time of the day.


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