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Why You Should Get CBD Oil for Your Dogs

Humans over time have been able to domesticate a lot of animals and even made those animals useful to serve our purposes. Animals like horses and donkeys have served as beasts of burden, farming, as a means of transportation and today, mostly serve as pets or for sports.

However, one pet (dogs), stand out among the rest and is even considered as a best friend to humans. Many households today have at least one dog as a part of their family. But, beyond just having them as pets, taking care of their health is equally very important and one way to do this is withCBD Oil.

What Is CBD?

Discovered in 1940, it is one of the cannabinoid components that make up the cannabis plant. It is short for cannabidiol and has been discovered to have various health benefits to all mammals. The other major cannabinoid component of cannabis is the tetrahydrocannabinol which is the element responsible for the psycho-active effect that cannabis has on the body. Psycho-active here means the high effect in popular parlance.

It can be ingested into the body system of mammals in various ways including by inhaling it as vapor, smoke or by mouth or as the CBD oil (which has cannabidiol as its main ingredient). You can read more on this here.

Why Does CBD Have Such Effect On Mammals?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid receptor that is located in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. It is these systems in the body of all mammals that helps the body to keep its balance and also helps it stay healthy.

Now, cannabidiol is able to interact with these cannabinoids and influence it positively creating a relief effect in the body of the mammal. This is the basic reason for all the health advantages that CBD has to offer.

Health Benefits Of CBD For Dogs

Relief From Arthritis

It is estimated that one in four dogs will in their lifetime be diagnosed with arthritis. This condition will greatly inconvenience your favorite pet. However, cannabidiol being anti-inflammatory, is able to give relief from this arthritic condition which is basically an inflammation.

Pain Relief

Another condition that dogs do encounter is pain. This occurs for different reasons ranging from injuries or pain resulting from inflammations. When compared with the more routine over the counter prescription drugs for pains, CBD has proven to be a more effective treatment.

Relief From Seizures

This is one of the most popular benefits of cannabidiol to all mammals. There are many underlying factors that can cause seizures for your pet. But whatever they might be, cannabidiol has proven to be very effective in handling these seizure occurrences especially epileptic fits.

Anxiety Relief

Though many do not know it, dogs do suffer from anxiety attacks and mood swings. Primary among the causes of this condition is the withdrawal or separation syndrome which they suffer when taken away from an environment that they are used to. Again, the challenges that come with age (hearing impairment and gradual loss of vision) might also trigger these things. Cannabidiol is able to help calm them down and give them relief from these anxiety attacks.

Anti-cancerous tumors

One other health benefit of CBD is in its ability to fight cancerous tumors. It has proven to be particularly effective in preventing the growth of cancerous tumors. And though it might not be totally classified as a cure, it does have advantages over chemotherapy treatments as our pet will not experience the nausea, loss of weight etc. that comes with it. You can find out more on the benefits of cannabidiol at https://www.petmd.com/.

Getting the Right CBD Oil Treatment for Your Dog

As important as it might be to see that your pet is getting treatment and relief from their ailments, it is even more important that you be careful of what it is being treated with. This is to avoid further complications resulting from wrong treatments. Here are some tips to getting the right quality CBD oil treatment:

Ensure That It Is Organic

The primary reason why you should be sure of this is because, as cannabidiol is now the craze, many organizations will be putting things out there that are not of good quality. The thing to note is that those that are of high quality are made from hemp grown organically and do not contain toxins or synthetic ingredients.

Know The Extraction Method

In order to save money some organizations may resort to cheap extraction methods which are obviously faster. The bad side to this decision is that it leaves some chemicals that may be toxic in the final product. ensure therefore that their extraction method is the CO2 extraction method.

Check For Their Certificate Of Analysis

This is a certificate that shows that the product has been tested by a third party lab. This is done to determine its quality. You can check on holistapet to find out more on this.

Check Their Customer Reviews

This is one sure means of finding out if an organizations service delivery is on point. This is crucial when about to come to that decision on whether to patronize them or not.


The health of your pet is something that should not be taken for granted. Proper care should be given to them to ensure that they are in the best of health and that diseases are discovered early.

However, despite the care given, your dog might still develop one health challenge or the other. Where this is the case, remember that you have a credible alternative in CBD oil.


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