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Can Gambling on Mobile Casinos be Addictive?

Very much so. Gambling itself is addictive and so is the use of smartphones. In combination, they possess a great threat to people who are prone to fall prey for addictions, aren’t self-aware and have difficulties controlling themselves. This may not come as news, but as the popularity of gambling and mobile usage has increased in recent years, so has addiction. For some people, this addiction is absolutely devastating.

However, not everyone is at risk of getting addicted to mobile casinos. The vast majority of people have no problem setting their own limits and knowing when enough is enough. These days, professional gambling sites also offer the option of setting deposit limits and training their staff to identify addictive behaviors in order to counter it. If you’re looking to play on mobile casinos, choosing such a site is always recommended. They are usually licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Why Is Mobile Gambling Such a Risk for Some People?

Risk factors include convenience, anonymity, availability and bonus offers.

1. Convenience

Compared to the old days when you had to physically visit a casino to gamble, it is incredibly convenient to play casino games these days. Thousands of sites are available with the click of a button and thanks to smartphones, these can be easily played at, at any time. Becoming a new member of a casino takes no longer than a minute or two and making a monetary deposit is just as easy as plenty of convenient payment options are at your disposal.

2. Availability

Availability is a true danger of mobile casinos. Whenever you’re walking around with your smartphone, you’re also walking around with a casino. According to Statista, a survey of 2,000 participants showed that 57% are using their mobile device more than 5 hours per day, which is not work-related time. If you have a casino app installed, that’s like passing by a real casino several times per day. For some people, this will lead to increased gambling as it’s difficult to stay away. Afterall, playing casino games can be a lot of fun.

3. Anonymity

Playing casino online from a mobile device, you’re not 100% anonymous as verification is done. However, there is no one there to witness you gamble. In difference to visiting a land-based casino, you don’t have to worry about people you know and care about noticing you. This makes it much easier to hide an unhealthy relationship with gambling, which is dangerous.

4. Bonus Offers

Mobile casinos are known for handing out plenty of bonus cash and the more you lose, the more bonuses you receive. This is an incentive for players to keep gambling as bonuses actually increase your chances of winning. However, the odds are still stacked against you and this is where it can get really dangerous for some people. Many problematic players want to win back whatever they have lost and by getting a bonus, they’re even more motivated to do so.

How Is Casino Addiction Best Prevented?

The best way to prevent a casino addiction is knowing yourself and being self-aware. If you know that you are easily hooked on things, whether it is drugs, shopping or binge-watching series, this is a warning sign. If you know that you’re prone to serious addiction or/and have serious addiction in your family, the best way to prevent a casino addiction is to never explore mobile casinos in the first place.

If your self-control is good, but you happen to find yourself playing for more money than you initially planned for, it is recommended to set a deposit limit. This will act as a reminder that you shouldn’t gamble anymore if you try to deposit more than the limit you have chosen.

Of course, a deposit limit can be easily bypassed by simply visiting and playing at another mobile casino. Should you find yourself doing this, it is recommended to stop playing altogether and let your partner or friends know about your behavior. This is a warning sign and if you don’t take it seriously, a real addiction could be developed which could spiral into an economic disaster.


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