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Top 10 French Comedies to Watch This Evening 

French humor is what not everyone will enjoy. However, some jokes will make you laugh, regardless of your location and current mood, and these are the most breathtaking French comedies you should definitely watch. 


Violette, 40 years old, finally feels like she has won a fortune at 22Bet, as she has met “the right” man. And what luck – Jean-René, her lover, reciprocated her love! That’s just their relationship will have to pass a difficult test of strength – the picky and selfish son of Violetta.


Young entrepreneur Greg is engaged in a profitable business – his company professionally fabricates alibis. One day Greg gets acquainted and later falls in love with a pretty girl Flo, who can’t stand liars and cheaters. What is the young genius to do now?

Débarquement Immédiat!

Jose Fernandez, the most correct policeman in France, is assigned to deport a man named Akeem to Afghanistan. By an unfortunate coincidence, instead of the criminal, José arrests an Algerian named Akim, who has never been to any Kabul in his life. But, of course, this makes no difference to José’s “most proper cop”.

Des Nouvelles de la Planète Mars

The life of loser Philippe Mars, who is not tolerated by his relatives, not respected by his colleagues and who has almost no friends, changes dramatically when the funny and a little reckless colleague Jerome appears in the team. Together with his girlfriend, who has escaped from a mental institution, they turn Philip’s home and life upside down, infect him with romantic delirium and pull him out of his depression.

Un Homme à la Hauteur

Successful and beautiful Diana goes on a blind date: judging by her voice and manners, her suitor is charming, charismatic, well-read, polite, and, of course, handsome to an abomination. Getting to the cherished cafe, she is convinced that she was right. True, she did not think about the height of her beau.

Les Nouvelles Aventures d’Aladin

If you think you know every detail of the story of the poor man in Baghdad, the lamp, the Djinn and the beautiful oriental princess, you’re very much mistaken. It turns out that this story still has many unknown pages.


Nothing brings squabbling relatives together like news of a sudden inheritance. Six relatives of different ages, characters and attitudes set off in a small van to meet the cherished will, and this journey from Paris will reveal many secrets of a typical French family.

Gaspard va au Mariage

As a young man, Gaspard left the family nest and went to live in Paris. For many years he had no recollection of his family, until by chance he found out about his father’s impending wedding. He had to return to his native land. To get rid of unnecessary questions from his relatives, he persuades a random girl to pretend to be his girlfriend. What will be her surprise when she finds out that Gaspar’s family practically lives in a zoo?

Doubles Vies

Alain is a successful publisher who doesn’t like e-books at all. Hardly anyone buys paper, and one of Alain’s longtime authors, Leonard, decides to bypass the old format and immediately release a new novel in digital. But how would a publisher feel about such a move?

Mon Inconnue

Successful young writer Raphael could not have turned his unfinished novel into a cult saga without the love and support of his wife Olivia. With each year of success, the two became more and more estranged, and Raphael was fine with that. Until he woke up in an alternative reality, where she was a star and he was nobody.

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