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Secure Online Gambling: How to Protect Your Account?

The gambling industry is booming. Today’s gamers not only have a huge choice of game genres and innovative titles, they can also play on different platforms, thanks to mobile gaming even wherever there is an internet connection. Check the best games at casinos not on Gamstop.

But the diversity of gaming platforms and their accessibility on mobile devices brings with it many security risks as well as flexibility. Malware and hackers have recognized gaming accounts as a worthwhile target, as these are often not adequately protected against unauthorized access. If you decide to play without adequate protection for your account and device, you risk being exposed to malware or losing game data or other sensitive personal data. If unauthorized persons gain access to a gaming account, they can, for example, make deposits using your stored credit card data or send phishing emails to fellow gamers.

Gaming accounts can be effectively protected against unauthorized access and data loss. In particular, gamers who maintain multiple accounts and possibly also use different devices should protect their data ingame and out game as best as possible.

If You Don’t Play Constantly, Try the Free Games!

Almost all online casinos offer free versions of their games. Users can access these games without creating a new account or entering personal data. Thus, such games give little or no attack area at all.

If you can’t avoid creating a new account, it is useful to create a separate gaming email address, which is separate from your email account, as well as to protect against spam and phishing.

Choose Complex Passwords

Wisely chosen passwords are the basic requirement for security in the digital world. Hackers have developed virtuoso techniques to crack passwords and use them to gain access to sensitive data.

The most notable standards for strong passwords are:

  • The password must be at least eight characters long.
  • The password must include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one symbol (g. question mark, exclamation point, ampersand, etc.).
  • It is best that the password does not contain something close to the person (such as their date of birth or marriage date).

Use 2FA on Your Online Accounts

2FA is essential to web security because it immediately neutralizes the risks associated with compromised passwords. It works in a simple way as it uses two identifiers like password and PIN to approve the user’s entry.

There are numerous variants here, such as a TAN procedure in which, after entering the password, an access code is sent to an email address or a cell phone number. It is also possible for the casino to send the code to your email or phone number.

Play Only on Your Personal Devices

It is very important that you only start playing with your personal devices that you already own. When you use your own device you are ensuring that all security updates are already installed, and that your device is indeed completely secure thanks to a password, Face ID or Fingerprint. In addition, you must ensure the security of your Internet connection. For example, when you are in a coffee shop, it is better to use a 4G connection instead of connecting to an open public router where a hacker can easily access your data through it. It is also important that you do not use a device shared by a family member since your accounts at New Zealand casinos belong to you and only you should have access to them.

Do Not Download Apps on Your Device

Simply put, what drives you to download the casino app when you will be able to directly access it using your browser? Besides saving a storage space, you can also avoid viruses. This applies to both casino apps, add-ons, special offers, and promos. If downloading the casino app is irreplaceable, it is important that you download it through trusted sources such as Google Play or App Store.

Even offers that appear while you search on the Internet or come back to you via email, it is important that you only use them after checking with your casino. This way, if you only use game software from trusted sources, you can reduce your security risks to a minimum.

Link Your Casino Accounts to Your Social Media Accounts

Connecting your casino accounts to your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google gives an extra layer of protection. Thus, you can prevent data loss or hacking. It is also important that you pay extra attention to the issue of privacy in your social media accounts.

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