The best 5 transcription software every American should try

In such a developed and innovative country as America, it is really not reasonable to miss the latest technologies. They facilitate our lives and allow us to enjoy them even more. Transcription is one of those modern tools every student, teacher, doctor, or even blogger should use.

Using transcription online is a part of the everyday routine for many professionals, including medicine workers, professors, journalists, lawyers, and even bloggers and those who have their podcasts. Transcription can substitute for many functions, save tons of time, and nerves, and minimize effort. If you have never tried it, it would be great to start and apply this greatest online tool in your activity.

However, it is necessary to know which service or software to use so as not to waste your money and precious time. Check the list of the most effective and affordable transcription software that will be very useful for every American and not only. Opt for the highest quality services only and appreciate your time and finances.

1.   Transcriberry — your number one choice for all purposes

This is a great voice-to-text software that will definitely exceed all of your expectations. This is a company that does not require you to upload any apps and occupy the memory on your device. No matter what device you are using, just open the website, and here you go — the world of transcription is fully open to you.

The company offers a wide range of services:

  • Automated speech to text transcripts
  • Manual transcriptions are performed by professional human transcribers using the ultimate software
  • Foreign subtitles
  • Translation
  • Timestamps

Whatever you are going to transcribe, there will be no need to keep searching because, in this place, you will do all of it. Their transcriptions are suitable for every student, teacher, medical worker, lawyer, journalist, blogger, podcaster, business owner, etc. In other words, it will help everyone who needs to transcribe their conferences, webinars, lectures, videos, audio files, websites, or blog posts. It is also a great tool for any blogger or podcaster who wants to keep their resources on top of the search engines. This is exactly what bloggers and businesses use transcriptions for.

What about the costs? Here, you can order affordable transcripts of any volume without damaging your budget. Automated transcriptions will not cost you more than $0.25 per minute while human jobs will cost you $1.25 per minute. This price is average in the market. It is necessary to admit that you will hardly find such a great price/quality ratio as on Transcriberry.

Foreign subtitles, captions, timestamps, and translation will cost you some extra fees. Normally, the turnaround period for an automated transcript will be just up to 30 minutes while manual transcripts can be returned within 24 hours. Of course, you can pay extra and ask to deliver it more urgently if necessary.

Automated transcripts are great for those files that do not have any noisy backgrounds or complicated accents of speakers. Its accuracy rate is 80% and you can edit your file yourself right in the editor on the website. If the audio or video file is complicated, has a lot of noise, difficult accents, or non-native speakers, it is better to hire a professional transcriber.

In this case, the accuracy will be 99% and a real expert with a lot of experience will use the ultimate speech recognition technology and equipment to deliver the most accurate text. This service is suitable for all purposes and can be truly called a universal transcription software.

2.   Temi — for premium automated transcription

Temi is premium software that works also both for audio and video files. Its costs are competitive, however, it does not offer human-based transcriptions. It is similar to Zoom automated options. As you can understand, the accuracy of such automatic features leaves much to be desired. If there is a lot of noise or accents, it is better to apply to professional human transcribers.

However, if you are seeking affordable automatic transcription for a low budget, that is it. Such big companies like The Wall Street Journal or ESPN are also among the Temi customers. This website has advanced software and can deliver quite good quality as for automated options. You will receive your text file in just 5 minutes. That is extremely fast.

The company claims 90-95% accuracy for files that have very clear speeches. It means that if you want such accuracy, your audio or video file must contain minimal accents and background noises. The text formats can be either PDF or MS Word. You don’t need to purchase any subscriptions or memberships. Pay for the number of minutes.

3.   GoTranscript — for British users and not only

This transcription company is well-known for its accuracy globally. It provides secure transcription at a good price. Even the files with the hardest accents can be transcribed accurately. Just like Transcriberry, they support 48 different languages. You can also transcribe files with multiple accents with their help.

This advanced software works really well with the most complicated files. It is also a company widely beloved by students and academics in America. STEM and technical papers are also good to process with GoTranscript. Their turnaround period is very quick. Manual transcription is also possible.

The company is British, actually, and works best for British customers. However, you can use it from the United States also. Just keep in mind the time difference. It means you may not receive answers to your questions as quickly as you may want it. Their prices are a bit higher than average and start at $0.90 per audio minute.

4.   Rev — for high reliability

This company has existed since 2010 and thus, is highly reputable and credible. It is based in Austin and San Francisco. The number of their customers has reached over 170k people in different areas. Thus, different media companies and universities are their active clients.

This website is a home for multiple freelancers who work for them and deliver various solutions. Here, you can order human written subtitles and captions. Translations and foreign subtitles for all types of audio and video files are also available on Rev. Need automatic live captions for Zoom and other software? No problem, just place your order.

Rev uses not only human help but also advanced AI technologies. Their professionals can cope with the most challenging recordings, various accents, and even foreign speakers. Their error rate is quite low, especially for shorter and not complicated audio and video files. Depending on your goals, pick between two types of transcriptions — human and automated.

The accuracy rates vary as well depending on the type chosen. When opting for professional human assistance, you can count on 99% accuracy. Especially, if your file is clear and not very complicated. Automatically transcribed files are 80% accurate with the same conditions if the recordings are clear. These accuracy rates are pretty standard for similar companies.

If you choose human transcriptions, you should wait for 12 hours. Automatic transcriptions can be delivered within up to 30 minutes. The turnaround period is also quite standard.

Their pricing policy is also transparent and will cost you $0.25 per minute for automated options and $1.25 per minute for human work. For foreign subtitles, you will need to pay $3-$7 per minute. Zoom live captions will cost you $25 per host. To understand how much you are going to pay in total, use a price calculator on the website.

Rev software supports Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also install their iOS and Android apps. One of the greatest features is their iPhone call recorder. This software is fully confidential and fully encrypted.

5.   Otter.AI — for non-standard transcriptions

This software is a bit different from the rest of its competitors, so we could not fail to mention it on that list. It is the best at generating smart notes, actually. It is a brilliant tool for team workers. You can work together with other members of your team, and share different documents, folders, files, and notes within the dashboard.

Although the website has been operating for many years, its popularity in 2022 doesn’t reduce. It is not a standard company where you do not pay for every minute of transcription but need to purchase a membership.

Otter membership includes 600 minutes or ten hours for free every month. This is why the company is so popular among students and many other people who want affordable transcriptions without harming their budgets. Live captions for Zoom calls and video conferences with other software are also possible. This makes this software even more demanded.

Among their constant customers, you will find IBM, Zoom, Dropbox, Verizon, and many others. It is also popular among academic institutions such as Tulane University and Columbia University. This website is AI-generated. Of course, it does not offer human transcribing options and you cannot count on the upper accuracy.

However, if you are looking for a service that will save your budget and give you many free transcription hours per month, this could be a good option, at least for the beginning.

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