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How to Stay on Top With Your Site in 2022?

If you are going to make a new fresh website for your business in 2022 you should know some important trends to stay on top and get more loyal visitors. Because each satisfied visitor can be converted into a client. So let’s get started right now.

Large Headlines

Sometimes it seems that the typography on websites is increasing in size every day. In the trends, the so-called text gigantism broke out. And it’s logical because the headline and web header design are the things that users pay attention to in the first place.

Dark Interface

This trend began to be used back in 2019 for the design of some applications (dark or night themes). Today, the dark interface is offered by well-known companies such as Facebook, Apple, YouTube, etc. Among the main advantages of the trend:

  • the ability to make a color accent due to contrast;
  • economical consumption of energy;
  • ability to perceive information fully at low light levels and less strain on the eyes at night;
  • a way to stand out among competitors.

Although this trend is not new, it will still be popular in 2022.

Blur Effect

In 2022 we notice more and more elements with the blur effect. They make the composition more dynamic and add an element of surprise. Blurring is a very useful technique when you want to draw the reader’s attention to a particular element of the site. For greater effectiveness, use contrasting colors so that the blurred element really stands out from the rest of the site.

Colorful Minimalism

Break the color palette frames! Designers today tend to jump out of the box, creating beautiful projects and intricate designs using traditional minimalism techniques, yet experimenting with bright colors. The pastel palette looks great, no doubt. However, this scheme seems a little bit boring in 2022. So use color and all your creative powers to take advantage of working with brands and creating original visual effects that will conquer the hearts of your customers.

Retro Nostalgia

Nostalgia is different for everyone: certain textures, bright colors, fonts that were used in 80’s and 90’s, images, references to cartoons and movies from childhood. If you know what to hook your audience with, use retro nostalgia in your web design.


More and more sites are becoming very similar to each other. It is getting harder and harder to find something unusual. Out of this was born a new trend – authenticity. The essence of the trend is to combine the incompatible, to be unusual, not to fit into a framework, leaving the user perplexed by what he sees. It’s about working with meanings, ideas, and the presentation of information.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are on top, too. They can give an authentic shade to the site that is very popular nowadays with customers. Serif fonts also work well with social media as well as blogs because they catch up the attention very quickly and make readers stuck to your website.

Black and White Style

Modern design is about contrasts. Together with something bright and provocative, black and white monochrome gets along perfectly. Today there are more and more sites in this style.


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