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Best Low-Risk Football Trading Strategies For Betfair.

As one of the most popular sports around, football is a sporting environment where individuals find it appropriate to trade. Football is also a multi-billion industry for both trading and betting.

Europeans’ and the whole world’s love for football can’t be described with words. It is only right to find an alternative aside from betting in order to earn money from the sport. This is where football trading comes in. Read on to learn more.

While football trading is slightly different from betting, they are similar concepts. Football trading doesn’t need a bookie platform or middleman to be executed. In replacement for the bookie, the platform is a dedicated trading platform like the popular Betfair platform. Individuals continue to record huge profits from low-risk football trading with proven strategies for it.

In football trading, you either back or lay an outcome in a football game. Backing an outcome means that you affirm that the outcome highlighted is going to happen while laying the outcome means wagering against the outcome. In other words, the proposed outcome is not going to happen.

For instance, in a game against Liverpool and Manchester City, you can either back or lay Ov1.5 goals for Manchester City. Backing them means Manchester City will score more than one goal in the match and laying means they’ll not.

People who engage in football trading don’t care about the final outcome of the match, they’re only concerned about wagering or opening a position and then exiting with a profit. There are various strategies to trade and make a profit in football games using the Betfair platform. This article will give you a rundown of some of the best low-risk football trading strategies that you can jump on and make profits.

Low-Risk Betting Strategies to Consider

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Bear in mind that low-risk football trading usually gives a profit of between 1-15% of your total stake. As such, it is recommended that you stake a reasonably good amount in order to make an equally good profit.

For instance, let’s consider a trading odd that gives you 15% profit when you close it. If you played it for £10 you’ll make a profit of about £1.5. However, when you trade with say £1,000 on the same odds, you’ll make a profit of £150 in the short period that you opened and closed the trade.

Football trading gives you more when done with high-end liquidity. Seen as it is a low-risk venture, it justifies the decision.

Consider In-play Trading

The in-play is simply trading in an ongoing game and is one of the basic types of football trading. This is because in-play trading gives you real-time insights into how the game is unfolding, leaving you to choose the best position to enter and make a profit.

Also, you can make several trading entries in one game and make your profits. This can be done by opening a trade that lasts for a few minutes and then exiting once the odd shifts and profit hits.

For instance, when there’s a high level of aggression from both players, you can back Ov1.5 yellow cards to be given and then exit the trade when a profit comes up.

Laying the Winning Underdog

This is a clever football trading strategy. This strategy usually presents itself when an underdog is unexpectedly winning with more minutes to the end of the match. The odds become better if you wager and lay the underdog team winning that match.

This is a good strategy to consider because it is unlikely that a team like Manchester City are favorites to lose against a relegation-bound Norwich who are clear underdogs even if Norwich are winning for the time being in the game.

Won’t End in Tie

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This strategy is extremely easy to understand and to use. You don’t have to analyze much or have extraordinary tricks.  Here is how you will go about it. All you have to do is backing that a match won’t end in a tie. Which means you will be laying a draw and since most matches start as a tie once the first goal is scored by any of the teams the market moves in your direction, and you can take profit.

Back Over 2.5 Goals

This is a popular trading market technique in football. The simple thing to do here is to back the over 2.5 goals which mean that at least three goals will be scored in the match. When a goal is scored, the odds experience a price movement which shortens the odds of over 2.5 goals. At this point, you can exit and make a profit.

While this technique is rational and seems simple, the timing of the first goal is very important. If the first goal comes in the later stages of the match, you may not get the desired outcome, and it can even spell a loss to your trade.

In conclusion, football trading is a venture that has the potential to earn you real money if done correctly. However, if you’re new to trading, you may want to take your time to study and learn the techniques involved in trading. There is a provision to learn trading on Betfair for beginners which will give you the needed knowledge for you to trade effectively.


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