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Intergalactic ‘stream of stars’ 10 instances longer than the Milky Means is the first of its variety ever noticed

The intergalactic stellar stream (highlighted) was noticed in galaxy cluster 231 million light-years from Earth. (Picture credit score: William Herschel Telescope/Román et al.)

Astronomers have by chance found the primary recognized intergalactic path of stars. The big “stellar stream,” which is round 10 instances longer than the Milky Means, means that extra of those buildings could possibly be lurking in deep area, a brand new examine reveals.   

Stellar streams are elongated threads of gravitationally entwined stars which have probably been ripped away from their mother or father galaxies or nebulas by the gravitational pull of different close by galaxies. Scientists have mapped dozens of those streams inside galaxies, together with the Milky Means. However till now, none had been found in intergalactic area, which means the area between galaxies.

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