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Is Gaming Really Better For Your Mental Health-Truth Or Excuse

According to data, the global gaming market was valued at $174bn, and it is expected to be worth around $314bn by 2026. Another alarming fact is that nearly one in five adults in the USA struggles with mental health issues.

Do you think gaming and mental health shares an inversely or directly proportional relation? This very development can be discussed from two completely different perspectives, one is good, and the other is evil.

Physicians opine that gaming affects the concentration of kids and it harms people in many aspects. This lit some negative publicity.

On the other hand, experts also say that gaming is better for mental health, and this has challenged the age-old idea. In this article, we will be discussing how gaming indeed benefits mental health. Let’s get started.

How Gamin Develops Your Mental Health?

Different studies have established the fact that games have literally brought in plenty of benefits in combatting mental health issues. Let’s discuss how the miracle takes place.

1. Mental Stimulation 

Games, regardless of type, stimulate your brain, and your brain gets distracted from any kind of psychological trauma and fear. It is also backed by the study that mental health has been immensely helpful in fighting stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Do you remain in some kind of stress and anxiety all the time?

Suppose you played some games before; it’s time to play them again. You don’t need to search here and there; get it downloaded from the pirate bay and start playing them again. This will help you cope with work pressure.

2. Feeling Accomplished

When you play some game, it brings you a feeling of accomplishment. You must have noticed that if you perform well in the office and get all the praise, it elevates your confidence.

This sense of accomplishment develops you as an employee. If you feel accomplished, you might develop leadership qualities.

This is how the game mechanism works. The sense of achievement really works to increase your mental alertness.

3. Social Interaction 

Games improve your social interaction. When you play some group games, you play driven by some sense of partnership or synergy. You get an opportunity to talk with your co-players. This helps to increase your social interaction. Multiplayer games make you aware of your own interests. This continual playing work to develop a sense of responsibility.

so you develop more as an individual while you are playing your games. Social interaction is highly beneficial in fighting desolation, stress, and other mental health complexities.

4. Makes You Competitive 

Deep engagement in games increases a sense of competitiveness. Whenever you are playing with your friends, you play to win. This is not yielding, and a fighting spirit helps an individual fight mental health to a great extent.

Different study says the sense of indifference to everything is a mental health problem. Demotivation is not at all a positive side. It is detrimental to the overall upbringing of an individual.

Hence, this spirit of competition is great in fighting any kind of mental health disorder.

5. Enriches Your Concentration 

You have often noticed that you are not doing well in your school, college, university, and even office. The reason behind this development might be concentration issues. If you are not able to concentrate on your work, you are doomed to fail. Therefore it’s better that you work on concentration.

It has been found from several studies that engagement in some kind of competitive video game works wonders in increasing your concentration. Therefore it can be said that video games world a lot to increase the level of competition among people.

But given all the benefits, it can not be denied that excessive gaming habit has been associated with sleep deprivation, aggression, anxiety, and self-deprivation. Therefore doctors advise patients to strike a balance while playing games.

Wrapping It Up

It is evaluated from the studies that gaming has brought extensive benefits to combat mental health problems. Mental health has been a real issue for people. This weakens oneself both from the mind as well as the body.

We can therefore engage in gaming to get rid of our mental health disorders. This is backed by several studies that say games develop an individual in different ways. But we must strike a balance and develop to the extent of addiction.

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