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New ‘probably interstellar’ comet will likely be seen to the bare eye subsequent month earlier than leaving our photo voltaic system without end

Comet Nishimura, also called C/2023 P1, taking pictures throughout the night time sky in a telescope picture. (Picture credit score: NASA/Dan Bartlett)

A newly found comet that is barreling towards Earth might have originated from outdoors our photo voltaic system — and can possible be catapulted again into interstellar house after performing an intense gravitational slingshot across the solar. Earlier than it departs our cosmic neighborhood without end, the icy object will possible get 100 occasions brighter, which means it’ll shine like a star within the night time sky. 

Novice Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura found the comet, designated C/2023 P1, falling towards the guts of the photo voltaic system on Aug. 12. Observe-up observations recommend the thing, nicknamed Comet Nishimura, has a hyperbolic orbit, in keeping with Spaceweather.com. A hyperbolic orbit is when an object slingshots round a extra large object, like the solar, giving the smaller object sufficient vitality to flee the gravitational pull of the bigger one. 

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