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Norwegian household finds 1,200-year-old Viking treasure whereas looking for a misplaced earring of their yard

A household in Norway unearthed greater than they had been anticipating once they used a steel detector to go looking their yard for a misplaced earring.

As a substitute of discovering the trendy jewellery, they detected a sign beneath a big tree behind their home. And once they dug down, they found relics from a Viking burial: two bronze ornaments that consultants say had been as soon as lined in gold.

The artifacts would be the first Viking Age (A.D. 793 to 1066) finds on the island of Jomfruland, confirming that individuals lived there at the moment, Vibeke Lia, an archaeologist with the Vestfold and Telemark County Council, informed Reside Science.

The sign from the steel detector confirmed the placement of two bronze brooches thought to have been buried with an aristocratic Viking lady. Each objects have traces of gold, which signifies they had been gilded.  (Picture credit score: Rune Nordseter/Kulturarv, Vestfold and Telemark County Council)

Jomfruland is a distant island on Norway’s southeast coast, dealing with the Skagerrak strait and Denmark. Lots of its homes are trip properties, and about 75 folks reside there completely.

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