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Trump is collaborating with the Republican National Committee to raise funds aimed at supporting a group dedicated to covering legal expenses

On March 21, reports surfaced suggesting that a fundraising entity, which has allocated substantial sums towards covering Donald Trump’s legal expenses, could reap benefits from a newfound collaboration with the Republican National Committee (RNC). This development comes as Trump, having secured the Republican presidential nomination earlier in the month, embarks on fundraising endeavors with the RNC in preparation for the upcoming November 5 election rematch against Democrat Joe Biden.

Despite clinching the Republican nomination, Trump finds himself grappling with mounting financial pressures stemming from accruing legal liabilities and the reluctance of numerous significant donors to extend financial support, partly due to apprehensions about their contributions being allocated towards legal fees.

An invitation to an April 6 fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, reportedly reveals that funds raised by the Trump 47 Committee would initially be directed towards the Save America leadership group before reaching the coffers of the RNC. This strategy aims to bolster a fund that has already disbursed over $55 million towards legal expenditures since the onset of 2023, yet faces the prospect of depletion as support from another fundraising entity diminishes. However, it’s worth noting that Save America is legally restricted to accepting a maximum of $5,000 from individual contributors, thereby limiting the extent of its potential gains from the collaboration with the RNC.

Media outlets, including the Associated Press, have reported that the Trump 47 Committee is seeking contributions of up to $814,600 from its top donors. Following the allocation to Save America, the RNC stands to receive a portion of up to $413,000, with various Republican state parties also slated to benefit. Steven Cheung, spokesperson for the Trump campaign, downplayed the significance of the funds directed to Save America, emphasizing that the majority of proceeds raised through the Trump 47 Committee would ultimately flow to the Trump campaign, the RNC, and state GOP parties.

Save America’s heightened expenditure on legal fees was disclosed in financial reports from the previous month. Notably, the group’s primary revenue source during this period was a $5 million refund, predominantly sourced from small-scale donors, which it had transferred to the primary super PAC supporting Trump, MAGA Inc., in 2022. With MAGA Inc. now having returned the bulk of the $60 million it received from Save America, the latter may encounter challenges in mobilizing future funds.

In a separate development, Trump’s attempts to secure a bond to cover a $454 million judgment in New York have been unsuccessful, leaving the Trump Organization vulnerable to the state’s potential seizure of its assets.

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