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What are the drawbacks of faux fur blankets?

One might think the drawbacks of faux fur blankets would be that they lack the softness and warmth of genuine animal fur, but some people may not realize there are other drawbacks to faux fur blankets as well. This article will explore some of the disadvantages to faux fur blankets and why you might want to stay away from them.

Not all faux fur blankets are created equal

There are different kinds of faux fur blankets, which can range in quality and comfort. For instance, cheaper faux fur blankets tend to be made from polyester fleece material, while higher-quality faux fur blankets are made from polyester microfiber. If you’re looking for a top-notch faux fur blanket that will provide you with everlasting comfort and value, choose one made from polyester microfiber—that way you know it will last for years to come.

Some People Feel They Look Cheap or Inferior Compared to Real Fur

One downside of faux fur blankets is that some people don’t think they look as warm or luxurious as real fur. If your blanket won’t be sitting under a spotlight for everyone to see, there probably isn’t a need to spend extra money on real fur. If you aren’t in love with faux, you can always opt for an alternative material like wool or cotton. These options will cost less and still provide you with plenty of warmth.

Smell Issues

While synthetic fibers are an excellent way to create a blanket with low maintenance and high comfort, they do have one drawback: odor. If you don’t wash faux fur blankets often, they can start to smell less like cuddly fun and more like stinky pets. We’re not saying that you should wash your faux fur every day—but at least monthly will keep your blanket clean and smelling fresh.

Expensive Alternatives

Synthetic versions of natural materials are often more expensive than their real counterparts. While they may be easier to clean and last longer, you’ll likely pay a premium for one of these blankets. As these materials become more commonplace, it’s possible that prices will drop, but for now faux fur blankets remain an investment purchase. Additionally, if you’re trying to live more sustainably or follow a vegan lifestyle, faux fur blankets might not be your best option as synthetic fibers can contain harsh chemicals. However, many companies have begun offering cruelty-free options that are safe for vegans. If you can afford them, though, genuine animal furs have none of these drawbacks—you can get gorgeous genuine furs from reputable dealers at bargain prices on sites like everlastingcomfort.net

Newer Products Tend to Be Better Quality

Many people see new as synonymous with better quality. This isn’t always true, though. Just like you can buy new clothing at a cheap retailer or quality clothing from an expensive retailer, you can buy a fur blanket that is low-quality for less money or one that is high-quality for more money. When it comes to faux fur blankets, a better investment means longer-lasting comfort.

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