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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Is Trending: Why Is It So Popular?

Presently, cryptocurrency mining is very popular among crypto miners because some find crypto mining a reasonable long-term investment, some believe it is a trendy hobby and some just do it for fun. Case in point, solo Bitcoin mining fails to remain profitable under the current conditions when the network difficulty is so high and next-generation ASIC miners cost literally a fortune to buy, Considering the situation, many crypto adepts start using Bitcoin cloud mining services or join miner cloud pools. Let us review the prevailing advantages of Bitcoinmine services and why there is so much hype about cloudminning.

Bitcoin cloud mining is the process of mining BTC online using the leased hashing power rendered by a cloud mining service provider (a company or a web site). The BTC cloudminning mechanism presupposes that the client does not own any cryptocurrency mining hardware rigs but just purchases a certain amount (volume) of hashing power (usually in the form of cryptocurrency mining contracts) using fiat or digital money. In fact, it is rental of hashrate capacities produced by powerful mining data centers located in specialized areas and monitored by qualified personnel round-the-clock.

Until 2021, the leader of cryptocurrency (especially Bitcoinmine) mining was China, whose impact accounted for nearly 75 percent of the world’s Bitcoin production. However, with the cryptocurrency ban on all crypto related activities (including cryptocoin mining) introduced by the Chinese authorities, the China’s share of crypto mining is virtually zero. Now the leading positions are distributed among the US, Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, among others. The main area of expenditure for Bitmining is electricity costs, henceforth cryptocoin mining companies locate their enterprise-grade mining data centers in the areas with cheap electricity and cold weather to minimize money on air and immersion cooling.

With Bitcoin cloud mining companies, any user can start Bitmining on the cloud nearly instantly and it is unnecessary to possess any special technical knowledge to get into Bit mining. You just buy the preferred hashrate volume in TH/s and enjoy legit mining online. No need to buy any Bitminer or similar ASIC miner rigs that may cost a few thousand US dollars and upwards. There is no noise pollution, overheating problems or taxes (cryptocurrencies are non-taxable in the majority of countries). Finally, the beauty of using rental hashrate capacities is that any person can start mining using only $100 because the entry point is low and accessible to every eager crypto miner. Likewise, the exit point is also low and you can cease Bit coin mining any time you want with minimal losses.

Everything looks very simple, smart, fresh new, legit and appealing. Nonetheless, there are many scam companies who pretend to be trustworthy and give big promises and false hopes to a regular crypto miner. You have to always double check the company reputation, its activity, brand recognition, active status and get familiarized with genuine customer reviews. Due to the fact that crypto mining industry is not regulated in many countries and jurisdictions, dishonest fraudsters use the opportunity to deceive trustful people and take their money once and for all without rendering the buy orders and contracts. Therefore, make sure to scrutinize the web site you are about to choose for mining crypto and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

In line with the aforementioned information, here is a list of established crypto mining sites successfully operating up-to-date:

  • Hashing24
  • ECOS
  • ChickenFast
  • NiceHash
  • BeMine
  • Genesis Mining

It is also worth to point out that if you want to mine any crypto via the cloud and make passive income online, your estimated profits or losses are dependent on the hashing volume you buy. The more the hashrate volume, the more you can gain or lose in the short or long time perspective. Some of the websites like Hashing24 offer their clients to try using free Demo Mining, which allows to check the functionality of Bitminer capacities under real market conditions and simultaneously risking no start-up capital (money) whatsoever. What is more, a lot of cloud miner sites offer Profit Mining Calculators to calculate the future estimated profit in the short or long run. Well, it is your money and you have to invest in any endeavor wisely and responsibly.

Alternatively, any regular crypto miner can join a crypto mining pool and unify collective efforts to mine a particular coin. However, the mining reward is also distributed among all pool participants equally and the money you can earn on mining may be insignificant as a rule. Many people decide to join mining pools or go for Bitcoin cloud mining services. Like it or not, but solo mining is unprofitable nowadays due to the algorithmic difficulty, high pricing of maintenance and overly fierce competition on the cryptocurrency market, but the number of people willing to get the top-performing BTC cryptocurrency is way too high.

Besides, the miner has to download and install special software, connect to the server, have a stable Internet connection and many more factors hinder the productive process of crypto mining. In case of Indonesia, for instance, yang, di, sep, dan, agu, ini, amp, dengan, lalu, hari, adalah, untuk, the mining revenue may vary or be rather insignificant per se. The best and sure way to get involved with cloud mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency is to opt for a reputable and recognized service provider.

As a conclusion, cloud mining opens up new opportunities and easy access to streamlined and progressive crypto mining at low cost. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining with CPU or GPU, which involves significant problems with capacities, updating, difficulties, etc., BTC cloud mining gives users a unique opportunity to start mining instantly and without worrying about a cornucopia of technical nuances. In a layman’s terms, cloud mining is a concrete mechanism to mine a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or any other digital asset, using remote leased cloud computing power without having to directly run the mining rigs or deal with special software.




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