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Will Tom Brady Make it to SuperBowl LVI?

He has a record number of Super Bowls to his name, actually more individually than any one franchise. A feat that will forever have him in the record books. The question is, can the living legend that is Tom Brady do it once again, and extend his record by winning an eight career Super Bowl? Well, we’re here to take a look and see if he can go back-to-back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Super Bowl that Tom Brady won last year was one that surprised many. The majority of his triumphs came during his time with the New England Patriots, and when he left for the Buccaneers, no one really gave him a chance of winning another. Sure, they had a solid enough team, but it was one that was aging. However, Brady showed that age is just a number as he rolled back the years and put in an impressive performance that helped the Bucs beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

So it was little surprise this year when Tom Brady helped guide the Buccaneers to yet another playoffs for the 2021/22 season. However, it wasn’t as plain sailing as they would’ve hoped even though they topped the NFC South Division, with a record of 13 wins and four losses. Those four losses came to the Los Angeles Rams who also made the playoffs, the Washington Football Team and two losses to the New Orleans Saints who finished just behind them in the Division.

Who do Tom Brady and the Bucs face first?

Neither of the latter two sides made the playoffs, and the Buccaneers only did so clinching a Wild Card place, where they have been drawn against the 9-8 Philadelphia Eagles. With a much better record in the regular season, and a 28-22 victory over them already, it is no surprise that the Buccaneers are favorites at -420 on the moneyline, compared to +320 offered to the Eagles. Add to that the fact the Eagles don’t have a great record against the Buccaneers in past playoff ties either.

The problem is, regular season form goes out of the window when it comes to the playoffs. That’s how the Bucs ended up where they were last season, claiming a surprising Super Bowl victory over the Chiefs. Which means whilst the odds do favor the team from Tampa, if Philadelphia have a solid game, all they have to do is shut down Brady, get a couple breaks themselves, and they could easily take the tie.

We say easily, it’s no easy task stopping a man who has rewritten the record books during his career. But it is a much easier task to do it for one game, than over an entire season. The Buccaneers have proven they can be beaten this season, on numerous occasions. And by two teams who didn’t even make the playoffs.

So a team that did make should stand a better chance right? Not really, because it does all come down to fixtures. But what will give the Eagles faith is all the teams that beat the Bucs did so finishing with a worse record than them this season.

What are the Buccaneers odds of going all the way?

As stated already, they’re already favorites to leap over the first hurdle put in front of them. But what chance do the Buccaneers stand after that? Well, with Tom Brady in your team, anything is possible, and as it stands, they are currently the third favorites to win the Super Bowl at odds of 6/1 to go all the way. The two teams that stand in front of them? The Green Bay Packers at 7/2 and last season’s other finalists the Kansas City Chiefs at 4/1.

Fortunately though, as games are played and teams fall out of the race for the Super Bowl, NFL betting sites update the odds regularly for you to know who’s at the top at any time. So if any of the favorites fall short, you can expect to see the odds for other teams changing. This also goes for if certain teams pick up any unwanted injuries, such as if Tom Brady pulls a muscle that rules him out of any championship game. Because so much is analyzed to statistically predict which teams have the best chances of victory.

However, we’ll remind you once again that when Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers last season, no one had them as one of the favorites until late in the season. So whilst they may not be the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl, they definitely are not a team you can write-off at any moment. All it takes is one sweet pass to get through the opposition defense and the game can open up massively.

Which teams could spoil the party?

As mentioned, there are two teams who have better odds to win, the Packers and the Chiefs. Both teams have been in fine form this season. Until last week that was for the Packers, who ended up losing to the second worst team this season in terms of winning record, as they fell to a 37-30 loss to the Detroit Lions. Which does make for surprising reading to see them as favorites.

But there are a couple other teams around the Buccaneers that could also crush their dreams of another Super Bowl title. Those teams being the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills who are both 7/1 to lift the Super Bowl. Both teams again have had really good spells this season, with some rough patches they had to endure as well. But both teams made it to the playoffs in the end, and once again, regular season form goes out the window. So anything could be possible now.

All that is guaranteed is some excellent matches along the way to the big game, and what could potentially be one hell of a Super Bowl game. And we’ll definitely be enjoying the journey to get there with plenty of NFL action to come.

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