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Cyber Sports: CS: GO Games Review

Haven’t you heard about Esports? Then, you’ve missed a lot. Cyber betting is a young but very promising trend in the betting world. Today, this sport is growing faster than others due to large prize pools. So, it is in great demand from those wishing to make money.

Video games development and access to the high-speed Internet made it possible to organize professional teams. In their turn, online competitions’ popularity and the interest of millions of people gave rise to international tournaments. CS: GO are among the leaders.

Each bettor has the opportunity to become a rooter, appreciate rivals’ professionalism, and indicate the winner. You can benefit a lot since competitions in various cyber disciplines are held almost every day.

Cyber Sports: CS: GO Games Review

CS: GO Battles: All you Need to Know about Bets

Before betting on esports battle CS:GO, it is important to look at the following information about Counter Strike:

  • Each match includes three maps. The team wins if it runs at least two maps.
  • The map comprises 30 rounds.
  • After the 15thround, teams change places on the map.
  • There are five players on every team.
  • More rounds are added in the case of a draw.

Besides, there are several variants of bet in this game:

  • Outright winner
  • Round winner
  • Handicaps
  • Total kills (player/team)

Money is the primary tool for betting. It means that the punter funds the account and waits for the outcome of the competition. Sometimes, bettors replace real money with game hardware like weapons, characters, skins, and so on. However, most online bookmakers do not recognize this format.

Betting Tips to Win More Cash

You can place bets on rivals on two sportsbook websites simultaneously. This is the most popular strategy among novices that allows them to test waters. Those having no favorites should familiarize themselves with every team and player to value their professionalism and prospects. In addition, you shouldn’t ignore psychological nuances since confidence and concentration matter.

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What else can you do? It is necessary to clarify information about the upcoming competition, including the number of rounds, maps, determination of the final winner. It’s not recommended to deal with match-fixing when the coefficients are sharply inflated. In this case, there will be a 100% loss.

Is CS: GO betting profitable? Well, stability is its key advantage because significant “swings” are rare considering recent teams’ results. It means that the most favorites remain leaders for a long time. Of course, CS: GO cannot boast numerous events like traditional sports have. Besides, bookmakers offer less extensive action lines for lower-level matches. Still, minor flaws have not changed that you can win real money when you think, analyze, and rely on experts.


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