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New iPhone SE: carbon-free aluminum to save the planet

Today, many companies care about the environment and try to produce environmentally friendly products that do not harm nature. Palletine bags are being replaced with reusable bags, clothes are made from recycled materials, and new appliances are made from carbon-free aluminum. It is this metal that will become the main material for the manufacture of the new iPhone SE.

Apple has announced its decision to purchase the first commercial batch of carbon-free aluminum for the iPhone SE. And many bettors are already betting on 22Bet on the popularity of the new model among users.

The company is stepping up efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the metal smelting process, which is widely used in product casings.

As a result, management has made the decision to buy a small batch of lab-produced metal in 2019 from Elysis. The company used metal in its 16-inch MacBook Pros. This experiment was successful, so Apple plans to continue to use this metal in its production.

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The problem of environmental pollution has become acute in recent years because there is a sharp climate change, which is caused by atmospheric pollution with greenhouse emissions. Basically, such elections occur as a result of the activities of heavy industry enterprises.

This problem can be solved only through effective transformations in the production technologies of large industrial enterprises.

The need to make carbon-free aluminum arose due to the fact that the metallurgical industry and metallurgy-related industries remain the main source of harmful greenhouse gases.

As a result of the manufacture of aluminum, a huge amount of emissions occurs, and accounts for 2% of the total amount of carbon dioxide that poisons our atmosphere. In the manufacture of 1 ton of aluminum, 11 tons of greenhouse emissions are emitted. The technology of its manufacture has not changed for 130 years.

Due to the fact that the amount of greenhouse gases increases significantly every day, subject matter experts are reducing the production of aluminum, which is necessary in many industries of the world.

It was Apple that became the organizer of the introduction of “green” innovations. To create its equipment, the company uses a large amount of aluminum, so the management decided to directly participate in the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies in its production.

As a result, Apple will not only fulfill its commitments related to the transition to environmentally friendly own products that contain aluminum, but will prevent the forced shutdown of aluminum production.

Apple has promised that soon all aluminum products will be made without greenhouse gas emissions. All sites of the company have already been 100% converted to renewable energy. In addition, in an effort to make all of its products from recycled or renewable raw materials, the company has even created its own Daisy robot, which can disassemble an iPhone and retrieve valuable parts for high-tech recycling. So, the new MacBook Air is 100% recycled aluminum.

Management is also actively encouraging other companies to join the environmental movement. If the new technology is implemented worldwide, it will completely eliminate direct greenhouse gas emissions from steel production.


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