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Trump has declared that he will reveal his stance on abortion come Monday, marking a pivotal moment in the presidential race

Former President Donald Trump has announced that he will finally disclose his stance on abortion come Monday, after months of evading a definitive position on an issue of critical importance that could sway the outcome of the November presidential election.

In a post on his social media platform Sunday night, the presumptive Republican nominee indicated his intention to release a statement regarding “abortion and abortion rights.” This declaration comes after Trump had previously declined to specify at which point during pregnancy he believes abortions should be prohibited, despite the enactment of various new restrictions by Republican-led states following the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022. His forthcoming announcement is eagerly anticipated by both Democrats, who view the abortion rights debate as advantageous for them politically, and Republicans, who have sought Trump’s endorsement for a national abortion ban.

Trump emphasized the need for compassion and prudence when addressing the subject of life, while also highlighting the importance of electoral victories for the nation’s salvation. Throughout his presidency, he had contended that the overturning of Roe v. Wade granted considerable bargaining power to opponents of abortion rights, with whom he hoped to broker a compromise that would satisfy both sides and foster national unity.

Although Trump hinted last month at potentially supporting a federal ban on abortion at around 15 weeks of pregnancy, he remained cautious about federal intervention, asserting that abortion regulation should primarily be a state issue. Despite positioning himself as the “most pro-life president in American history” and taking credit for appointing Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, Trump has criticized some fellow Republicans for their rigid stance on abortion, attributing electoral losses to their inflexibility on the issue.

As Trump prepares to unveil his stance on abortion, the Democrats and President Joe Biden’s campaign have been actively emphasizing the issue to underscore their differences with Trump. Polling data indicates that a majority of Americans support legal abortion during the early stages of pregnancy, with about half endorsing abortions up to the 15-week mark. However, late-term abortions remain infrequent and are typically performed under specific circumstances such as fetal abnormalities or risks to the life of the pregnant individual. The landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 established the constitutional right to abortion until fetal viability, typically around 23 or 24 weeks into pregnancy.

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