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3 Trends In Pet Death Care

Pets have long been considered as family members. They bring joy and comfort to their human parents, who, in return, provide them with utmost love and care. This is why pet loss can be as emotionally damaging as losing a human being who matters a lot to you

3 Trends In Pet Death Care
the grave of the family’s beloved pet, a sand mound and a hand-made wooden cross, a couple of daisies

Pet aftercare refers to how one handles the pet’s remains. This may be the last thing you’re thinking of at the moment, but it’s best to prepare for it in case the time comes when you’ll have to bid farewell to your furry best friend.

 If you’re looking for ways to pay tribute to your beloved pet, here are some trends to look out for:

 Pet Cremation

Cremation is the process of using intense heat to reduce the body into bones, then into ashes. Pet cremation isn’t relatively new in the business. It began when humans started caring for animals as pets. Currently, it’s one of the biggest and rising trends in the pet industry, and has become necessary, like pet food, accessories, and technology.

There are funeral homes that have extended their services to animals. Thus, it’d be best to inquire as early as possible among the funeral homes and services in your area so you’ll know where to go when the time comes.

In pet cremation, you can choose between a communal or private cremation. The former means your pet will be cremated with other animals, while the latter means your pet will be individually cremated. People who opt for communal cremation usually decide not to keep their pet’s cremated ashes.

In contrast, those who choose private cremation want to keep their pet’s remains. For example, after a dog cremation, the ashes will be placed on a pet urn. You can place this in your house, where you can create a shrine filled with pictures of you, your pet, and their favorite toys, and add a few flowers and candles to make it more special.

You may also scatter your pet’s ashes in a meaningful and memorable place, like a spot in your backyard or your pet’s favorite park. Moreover, here are other creative ways to use your pet’s cremated ashes and preserve their precious memory:

  • Create a memorial painting integrating their ashes
  • Incorporate it into a piece of jewelry or an ornament
  • Use it for pottery
  • Grow a memorial tree or plant

 Water Cremation

Water cremation began in the late 1800s and is legally approved in several states in the United States.

This technology is highly similar to the cremation discussed above. The main difference is that instead of using fire, like in the traditional cremation, it uses a water-based product known as alkaline hydrolysis that flows inside the machine to break down the body’s tissues. 

Once the process is complete, what’s left of the remains are bone fragments, which will be pulverized and become ashes. And, as mentioned above, you may decide what to do with your pet’s cremated ashes. That said, if you want a gentler, more ethical, and environmentally-friendly alternative, water cremation is your best option.

 Pet Burial

This is the most common and traditional death care method. You may opt for this if you prefer to have a grave where you can visit your beloved pet. Moreover, they can either be buried in your property or in a pet cemetery.

Finding the right place in your yard is essential in a home burial. But, before doing so, you’ll have to check your state’s laws or, if you live in a community, check your Homeowners Association (HOA) rules to make sure you follow the requirements. Some of these may include:

  • Burying at a minimum of three- to four-feet-deep underground
  • The pet shouldn’t have an infectious disease.
  • If your pet was euthanized, cover its body to prevent the chemicals from spreading on the ground.
  • They shouldn’t be buried near a water source.

After the burial, cover it with gravel to make sure other animals won’t dig the grave. You can mark it with a headstone, or if there’s extra space in your yard, you can plant a tree or a shrub on your pet’s grave and watch it grow in memory of your beloved pet. Plants are a symbol of life and hope. In that sense, the plant becomes your pet who continues to grow.

In case your state or HOA doesn’t allow you to bury your pet on your property, you have the option of burying them in pet cemeteries. There are funeral homes that offer services for pet burials in pet cemeteries. Moreover, they provide headstones for the grave and other decorations, like flowers and candles.


Pets hold a special place in their owners’ hearts. Thus, it’s fair to show your utmost love and care for your pet until they cross the rainbow bridge. The trends mentioned in this article are just some ways to honor and memorialize the life of your beloved pet. Consider them and let their memory live on.


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