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5 Ways to Elevate Your Next Camping Trip

If summer camping is on your list of activities this season, then you’re probably undergoing the arduous task of taking inventory of last year’s gear. Camping gear gets a lot of living fast, and it can wear it out just as fast – especially when purchasing items for a quick solution. There are lots of affordable options for camping gear, but the way to be prepared for your next trip is to elevate your game. Depending on the state of your current collection of gear, that could mean a lot of different things. Camping should take us out of some of the elements of comfort, it’s part of the experience, but there are certain things that are simply necessary for safe and bearable trips out in the wild. If you’re curious how to elevate your next camping trip, check out these five tips to get your started!

Luxury Trailer

Where you sleep when you camp is essential for maximum comfort, views and relaxation. A luxury travel trailer is a towable, luxury vehicle fully equipped with everything you need to make your next camping trip your most comfortable yet. These travel trailers allow for more lodging, comfortable cooking areas, clean water and better access to off-the-grid locations that truly feel removed from the bustle of cities and suburbs. And with a sleek design, you’ll be traveling in style out in the wilderness, on road trips, or to a national park campsite. A luxury trailer is an amazing investment for anyone who considers camping and outdoor adventures a priority in their life.

Upgrade Your Gear

Whether you need a larger tent, new camping stoves, or new sleeping bags, preparing for a camping trip may mean upgrading some of these essential items. For outdoor gear, the best place to invest your time and money is in quality cooking and cleaning equipment. Cooking outdoors is one of the best feelings in the world, but it can quickly become frustrating without the right tools to prepare your food. Make sure you stock up on essential items like camping coffee makers, cast iron pans, and fire safe tools to use over an open flame. Additionally, it’s important to make sure you have all of the right clothing for being out in the elements. Proper shoes, lightweight clothing and layers for chilly evenings are all things you should take stock of and upgrade if necessary. A good pair of hiking boots will last you years and years, so make sure you don’t skimp when it comes to getting quality gear for your next trip.

Water Filtering

If your camping adventures typically take off the beaten track and away from designated campgrounds, then you know it can be tricky to find a reliable water source. With water, it’s always best to come prepared and not be too confident about finding fresh water where you’re camping. For one, it’s best to bring several 2 gallon jugs of water to start. In the event that you use it all, consider equipping yourself with a water filtration system. There are a variety of kinds you can choose from, with some popular options being straw filters and iodine filters which both combat viruses and bacteria. Straw filters are quicker to use, but chemical filters are cheaper and more lightweight. And, in a pinch, you can always go with the tried and true boiling method.


Camping is the best time for lounging. Kicking back in nature is one of the most peaceful things one can do with their time, and there’s no better way to lounge outside than with a hammock. Hammocks are relatively affordable, and a great thing to bring out on the road with you on your next camping trip. You might even end up fighting with your family about who gets to use it next! Keep in mind that not every tree is strong enough for hammocks, particularly if you’re camping the desert with yuccas and Joshua Trees. Make sure that whatever campsite you’re visiting allows hammocks before setting one up. Most national forest campgrounds will have trees strong enough for hammocks, but it’s always best to check with the campsite rangers to avoid damaging any part of the campsite. Remember, we want to leave things better than we found it when camping.

Organization is Key

Organization is an essential part of any camping experience. Before heading out, make sure you know how to unfold and refold your tent. Tents are often the biggest mess at the end of a camping trip, so being prepared for packing it in is a good idea beforehand. Secondly, consider upgrading your bags and packing equipment to help reduce space in your vehicle. There are all kinds of great coolers and equipment storage bins that will make your life so much easier out on the road.


Upgrading your camping experience might mean getting a new trailer, upgrading basic gear or making sure your water supply and filtration is up to snuff. Whatever it might be, make sure you and your family are prepared! Your next camping trip will be double the fun because of it.


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