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Passengers prepare for flight chaos

While the lessening of international travel restrictions around the world has been welcomed, passengers have faced chaos with flight delays and cancellations.

It was meant to be a glorious time now, with people able to pack their suitcases and fly away to warmer climes for a holiday or visit relatives they have been unable to see for a long time. Yet, things have not gone according to plan for many, and passengers are left wondering how to cope with a delay or cancellation and what has caused them.

Passengers prepare for flight chaos

What to do if your flight is delayed or canceled

Many passengers have found themselves climbing the walls in departure lounges as they deal with delays or attempt to find an alternative option after a flight cancellation. Killing time at an airport can be a frustrating experience and in the past, the recommendation would be to take a good book. Yet, now short delays can be negotiated easily with a mobile phone and a connection to an online casino or other online gaming sites. If you do find yourself in the airport with a delay of an hour or two, a review site can provide some ideas for how to keep yourself entertained. With a bonus code for a casino like betMGM, you can start playing with no deposit while you wait for your flight. For such a short period, you could always just stretch your legs, grab a bite to eat, or indulge in a little shopping spree.

A longer delay will result in more consternation and with so many passengers facing delays, any phone charging points in the airport are likely to be occupied. A considerable delay can simply be overcome with a tablet, headphones, a streaming service such as Netflix or Disney Plus, and a binge-watch, and planning for this with your own charging solution might be a good idea. Alternatively, some airports offer spa facilities and a massage and some meditation can work wonders. For delays that stretch beyond six hours, you should be entitled to some compensation and even longer delays could see accommodation provided free of charge. The options available to you if a flight is delayed or canceled should be perused before heading to the airport and buying flight insurance is recommended during this topsy-turvy period.

If your flight is canceled, it’s recommended that you immediately join the line to speak with the gate agent while simultaneously contacting the airline through an app or helpdesk number. It’s important to remember that those working in the airport are not the cause of the cancellation or delay and being patient and polite could be beneficial to your cause. Using an online flight tracker can be advantageous to ensure you don’t get a nasty surprise upon arrival at the airport.

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What’s causing the chaos?

While individual countries are dealing with their own specific reasons for flight disruption, the main culprit appears to be pilot shortages. Staff shortages are being felt in other areas, too, and there appears little hope that a quick fix will be found. In a vicious circle, the stress on employees forced to make up for the lost staffing is resulting in an increased burden that could result in more people leaving the industry. In the UK, strike action is imminent as workers join rail staff in demanding better pay and conditions. In the US, weather conditions are also adding to the hurdles faced, with excessive heat and tornadoes adding to the delays and cancellations.

With various reasons being cited for the delays, a more simple explanation is that the airlines worldwide are simply ill equipt for this travel surge and that people should probably reconsider taking to the skies.

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