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Sports betting has become an integral part of many people’s lives. This is a real cultural phenomenon that is captured in books and movies. We would like to present you with the most exciting movies on this topic, so you can understand why the 20Bet New Zealand provider is so popular.


This is an ordinary movie about bookies. Three student friends (Toby, Jude, and Casey) play sports betting and decide to open their own business someday. They are driven by the desire to earn a lot and quickly. Extensive mathematical and economic knowledge helps friends develop a competent earning model. With a series of adventurous actions, they manage to promote their business. At the same time, entrepreneurial students behave confidentially and keep their participation in the underground betting business secret.

It turns out that sports betting (mainly American football and basketball) is done not only by other students but also by teachers – the popularity of the case and the number of bets increase by leaps and bounds. Of course, where there’s money, there’s trouble. Friends are disturbed by police visits, unexpected scams, and threats from the mafia. Tension grows and friends must search for the only right solution to escape with their skins intact. The film shows the betting business from the inside.


This movie is not about money. This movie is not about a big gamble. This is a movie about what a person is willing to risk staying alive.

Quarterback Brendan Lang (Matthew McConaughey) is injured, costing him the continuation of his sports career. In order not to be left without money, he settles down in a small betting shop, where he predicts the results of student football games with surprising accuracy. One fine day, Brendan receives a tempting offer from Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), promising the former athlete a serious raise.

Brendan agrees and soon becomes John Anthony (Walter invents an alter ego for Brendan). John Anthony – a kind of dandy, a superstar of forecasts, a man of success. Business is booming, John becomes the best forecaster.

Walter is a real businessman. He stands out best in an episode when he visits a club of anonymous gamblers together with Brendan. After a fiery speech, they recognize the prognosticator in it and try to drive him away. Without thinking, Walter leaves his business card for the club members.

The most interesting part begins when Brendan and Walter have customers with several million deposits. The film is not only about betting, but also about the ability to face new challenges and deal with circumstances. From the point of view of betting, the film shows the working mechanisms of a large betting office. This is a film with a sense between the lines, worth watching not only for its crazy ending.


Even if you prefer betting much more than watching movies, watching one of these films about the betting industry may be a great opportunity to complete your betting experience.


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