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What to take into account before wall mounting a TV

Wall mounting a TV is always a good idea…until it comes to actually fixing this onto your wall. This can be a difficult process and quite often, can result in damage to yourself and/or the TV. Although your TV may provide you with instructions on how to effectively mount it to the wall, instructions always seem like too much hassle to read, and many homeowners take it into their own hands and try to wing it. When you don’t consider certain factors, this process may not go as smoothly as expected, here’s why.

 Space and size

One of the most important things to consider before wall mounting a TV is the TV size in comparison to the wall it is being placed on. If the dynamics of the wall appear to be too small in contrast to the TV, this can look slightly silly, and the TV can look too tight in the space. That is why it is important to ensure that you initially choose the right size of TV, measuring and considering the wall space before making the purchase.

Type of bracket

When fixing your TV to the wall, you require a bracket to do so. A bracket is important as you want to choose the best quality bracket to ensure your TV doesn’t have any risk of it falling on the floor. There are three types of brackets including a fixed bracket, a tilting bracket, and a full-motion bracket, so think about what features you would prefer your bracket to have. Ensure that you research a variety of brackets as your TV wall mounting holes must link with it. The professionals at https://aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk/ can attach brackets to the TV as well as fix it to the wall.

Type of wall 

Although most newer homes’ walls are more than likely able to support any type of TV, be careful if you have an older home. Some older homes and homes with extensions feature stud walls that may not be able to hold the weight of a TV. To tell if a wall is a brick or a stud wall, simply knock on the wall. If it is hollow, it is a stud wall as brick walls will be solid and they are the walls you want to place your TV on.

Tools & Equipment 

If you are wall mounting a TV it is important to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools and equipment to do so. This is why it is important to have a read of your instruction manual. You would hate to start wall mounting your TV and then realise that you need additional tools to finish off the task. Some tools you may need include a power drill, scissors, mounting screws, and a screwdriver, as well as other equipment. When mounting your TV, we would advise ensuring you have someone to help and pass you equipment as this task can be difficult when carried out by one person.

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